2011 Fringe Adventure: Day Two

Promotional images for MISSING:, TO & FRO & UP & DOWN and DARKER.

Where I’m headed on Day 2, Thursday, June 2nd:

  • 7pm at Know Theater
    MISSING: the fantastical and true story of my father’s disappearance and what I found when I looked for him from Jessica Ferris
    This magical realist detective story traces California solo performer Jessica Ferris’s search for the truth about her father who disappeared when she was two, and her discovery that he is a con artist on the lam. She portrays the members of her family as they reluctantly reveal clues, and she deftly transforms everyday objects (a folding chair, a metal toolbox, a sheet) into supernatural beings. 

Kicking off the second day with solo show number three and this one sounds promising. Jessica Ferris’ biography says, “Her eclectic aesthetic grows from her international physical theater training and the San Francisco Bay Area’s fertile performance community.” I took at brief look at her teaser video on the Fringe site, and was impressed with her physical comedy and the above mentioned folding chair.

I am a bit worried that puppets are listed with her show. I’ve had some very bad puppet-related experiences at previous Fringes…fingers crossed.

  • 8:15pm at the Art Academy
    TO AND FRO AND UP AND DOWN from Kleesattel Productions
    Demonstrating yet again his strong interest in the advancement of public awareness, Satan (a.k.a. Prince of Darkness) will be hosting an educational Bible study at this years Cincinnati Fringe. The content of the production will center around his role in both the Old and New Testaments. Please feel free to come and learn from this figure’s vast experience, which includes not only being the universal symbol of evil, but also extensive work of the 1980 Presidential elections. (Please note that just because he came here from hell doesn’t necessarily imply there will be audience participation or puppets. So don’t worry.)

After visitng the Almight’s blog show the previous evening, the divine equal time rule demands that I give the devil his due tonight. (And may I point out that the Devil knows about my Fringe/puppet issues.)

Cincinnati audiences may remember cast member Dain Paige from his work with Jersey Productions and The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

Cast mate Brendon North is a recent graduate of the NKU Theatre Program where last season he played Frank-N-Furter in THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. Following the Fringe Festival, Brendon heads to Cortland Repertory Theatre to play brother Levi in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.

  • 9pm at Know Theatre
    DARKER from New Edgecliff Theatre
    In search of a job, Max finds himself the new kid at the Industri-Light Bulb Factory. But his surroundings are all too familiar… and he’s certain he has seen his boss somewhere before. Is he losing his mind, or is this the start of a very sick- and ultimately deadly- game? Max must uncover the truth, or accept a fate that will keep his life in a mind-numbing limbo.

Another show about getting a job, but this time with a dramatic tone. NET’s playwright-in-residence, Catie O’Keefe supplies the script.

Audiences may recognize cast member Michael Carr, a recent CCM Drama graduate and incoming Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati intern from his performances in ON THE VERGE at CCM and BURY THE DEAD at The Carnegie.

Mindy Heithause recently performed at La Comedia Dinner Theatre, in NANA’S NAUGHTY KNICKERS. At NET, she appeared in last season’s opener, THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA.

NKU graduate (and local performing gypsy) Jeffrey K Miller makes his second appearance at the Cincinnati Fringe.

That’s it for Thursday. You can visit the blog Friday afternoon for reviews.

Official Cincy Fringe site | Plan your Fringe-ing with my daily show grid |


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