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Submissions Needed for RISK Podcast in Cincinnati

misc_risk logoRISK!, a live show and podcast “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share,” is coming to Cincinnati at The Ludlow Garage on Feb 8 and we’re looking for writers, performers and anyone else who might have an extraordinary story to share about something they’ve lived through to pitch us. The suggested themes for stories that night are Surprise! or What Was I Thinking? or A Secret.

RISK! stories tend to be extremely revealing and uncensored. People share about the most hilarious or heartbreaking or terrifying or devastating peak experiences they’ve lived through in a brutally honest way on the show. We help the storytellers prepare their stories before the show, so even people who have never stepped foot on a stage before have taken the risk.

For a good idea of what the podcast is like, check out one or two of our BEST OF RISK! episodes below:



For all the info on how to pitch a story, there’s a 6-minute video on this page here:

Facebook event for Cincinnati taping |


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