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BLINK Opportunities at the Aronoff Center and Music Hall

CAA_Blink logoOctober 10-13, 2019
7:00 PM-11:00 PM

[CINCINNATI, OH] – The Aronoff Center and Music Hall will be open to the public during Cincinnati’s much-anticipated BLINK – one of the largest light, art, and projection mapping events in the nation – Thursday, October 10 to Sunday, October 13 from 7:00 PM-11:00 PM each night.  Restrooms will be available, and guests may purchase drinks and light snacks at the venues’ bars.  In addition, BLINK-inspired art installations/exhibitions may be experienced at both buildings.

Entry to the Aronoff Center and Music Hall is FREE and all are welcome.  New safety screening procedures will be in effect at both venues. CLICK HERE for more information about these procedures.


ARONOFF CENTER – Weston Art Gallery
Emanate – This group exhibition features light-based works that include phosphorescent painting, neon sculpture, illuminated photography, video, and projection. Participating artists include Tom Bacher, Hank Hildebrandt and Erin Taylor, Diana Duncan Holmes and the late Timothy Riordan, C. Jacqueline Wood, Alice Pixley Young (all Cincinnati, OH); Christian Schmit (Lakeside Park, KY); Connie Sullivan (Ft. Wright, KY); Nate Ricciuto and Lindsay Deifik, Liz Roberts, Suzanne Silver, Todd Slaughter (all Columbus, OH, except Deifik who is in Philadelphia, PA); Anthony Luensman (Tucson, AZ); and Sarah Knobel (Potsdam, NY).

ARONOFF CENTER – north and south plaza punch windows
Cultivars (The Dead Don’t Die) – This exterior installation by Cincinnati artist C. Jacqueline Wood features a total of 27 large-scale illuminated representations of slide transparencies of Amaryllis flowers originally cultivated by the artist’s grandmother and photographed by her grandfather. Cultivars explores the roles of analogue media in the digital age, by resurrecting images taken long ago and re-contextualizing their meaning for today. The collected images represent not only the ephemeral life of these hybrid plants, but also the creative lineage of past generations.

ARONOFF CENTER – Fifth Third Bank Theater
Modern Hybrids x 8 – This video work by C. Jacqueline Wood originates from the original 18 images used to create Cultivars (The Dead Don’t Die) featured on the north and south plazas of the Aronoff Center. Projected on the east-facing windows of the Fifth Third Bank Theater entrance, the work utilizes the concept of hybrid cultivation to create variations on a short loop. These visual hybrids are created through digital editing featuring dissolves and compositing that reimagine the original botanical technique as a digital strategy.

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Los Angeles-based artist Chris Kallmyer will present the following two art installations at Cincinnati Music Hall.

MUSIC HALL – Springer Auditorium
All Possible Music – This new film contains within it all music that could ever happen ever. Kallmyer takes an expansive definition of music, including formal performances, imagined sonic situations, and reconfigured concerts described in handwritten scores that move across the screen and depict a world that is largely of speculative music: a blissful symphony for an audience of careful listeners, bangin’ dance music in a cabin set deep in the woods, a solo contrabass alone on a mountaintop, or avant-garde drum machines that heal the earth and its people.

MUSIC HALL – Lindner Grand Foyer
Crickets – One thousand beautifully-lit live crickets will be amplified throughout this expansive space. The crickets create a sound that points to memory, the passage of time, and the poetics of place.

This free four-day arts event takes place in downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, spanning more than thirty city blocks and crossing the historic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River. BLINK will turn the region into an outdoor art museum with large-scale projection mapping installations, murals, and immersive art.

For more information about BLINK 2019, visit blinkcincinnati.com.

BLINK is illuminated by ArtsWave and generously sponsored by The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation.

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NKU SOTA Illuninates LIGHTSTREAMS at Blink Festival

NKU_LightstreamsHIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY – Northern Kentucky University’s School of the Arts will be at the Cincinnati BLINK 2019 Art & Light Festival with a unique concert collaboration entitled “LightStreams” on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 9 p.m. at Smale Riverfront Park (east of Roebling Suspension Bridge on the Ohio side of the river).

Experience the dynamic effects of movement and color of illuminated suspended canoes while the NKU Philharmonic Orchestra performs music by Bedřich Smetana, Miguel Roig-Francolí, and John Botter. After the live performance, the art installation will continue with NKU Philharmonic recorded music for the duration of the weekend for BLINK viewers to experience. “LightStreams” is an artistic collaboration of the Music and Visual Arts Programs of SOTA. Visit nku.edu/blink for more information.

From indigenous Mound Builders to early settlers of Cincinnati, the river has been the foundation upon which our great city was built. Water, rivers, and streams contain a magic power with thousands of colors and shapes contained in their movements. This performance and installation evoke these mesmerizing movements, explores the past, and embraces our future. The metaphor of canoes traveling on water to communicates our region’s past and the continuing journey to our future.

The installation evokes our connection to place, to tell the story of the land and our relationship to the river. Eight canoes will be supported above ground at various heights between seven and ten feet in the air. The installation will utilize dynamic colored lights that illuminate the boats coordinated to music. Also, each canoe will have fully programmable lights that will bathe light from the interior of the hulls. This will provide a contrasting light texture to the linear paths of light on the canoes.

Live music will be performed for one night only. Musicians will wear small blue lights on their hands to simulate the movement of water.

Brad McCombs is associate professor of art, interim music program head and coordinator for new media art at Northern Kentucky University.  His expertise is about creating dynamic environments and worlds that create powerful connections with an audience, whether they are physical, virtual, or somewhere in-between. As a conceptual and interdisciplinary artist, he continually pushes the creative use of low- and high-tech elements in finding solutions to projects that engage the public.

Hans Schellhas is a visual communication designer and film-maker. He is currently an associate professor of visual communication design at Northern Kentucky University. His film and design work has been published and recognized by the American International Film Festival, Graphis, Creativity International, Rockport Publishers, Creative Quarterly Journal and was selected as one of Creative Quarterly’s top 100 artists, photographers, and designers for the 2015 100 Best Annual.

Amy Gillingham is a cellist, conductor, director, educator, and arts advocate dedicated to leveraging her roles to advance, empower, and inspire others through music. She currently serves as assistant professor of strings and director of orchestras at Northern Kentucky University. Dr. Gillingham has previously served as executive director of the National String Project Consortium, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

SOTA is the Creative Engine of NKU. The School of the Arts combines Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts to bring unparalleled artistic opportunities to current and future students. In a changing world, SOTA prepares students to be creative trailblazers in the Arts and their careers. Whether we are creating motion graphics, producing on the stage, or utilizing our dance classes to collaborate with therapeutic exercise in health sciences, we are on the cutting edge of transdisciplinary studies. Yes, we’re hosting concerts, but we’re also preparing students to produce better rock n’ roll shows. Here, you will create, you will dance, you will sing, and most of all, you will achieve.

For more information about NKU’s School of the Arts, please visit nku.edu/sota or follow on social media @NKUSOTA.

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