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Cast Announced for A LONG WAY OFF at Merit Theatre Company

MTC_logoAnnouncing the cast of A LONG WAY OFF:

  • Hannah Collier—Rachel Scardina
  • Jacob Collier—Arnie Forman
  • Bennett McLean—Ian Tinney
  • Hunter Collier—Carter Perry
  • Sally—Arielle Mantel
  • Annalise—Isabella Keyes
  • Rachel—Chelsea Russell
  • Lampkin/Stan—Josh Winkler
  • Jim—Evan Rogers
  • Larry—Jonn Chickering

Adult Ensemble: Tori Brinker, Jonn Chickering, Bob Dronberger, Jessica Freeland, Becca Grunkemeyer, Gracie Grunkemeyer, Matthew Grunkemeyer, Sarah Grunkemeyer, Benjamin Iocco, Isabella Keyes, Mark Kozelek, Heather Lacey, Arielle Mantel, Chelsea Russell, Evan Rogers, Lacy Rogers, Faith VonHandorf, Josh Winkler

Youth Ensemble: Ana Ashley, Olivia Ashley, Seanna Kelley, Adoniah Winkler, Naomi Winkler

Dance Ensemble: Tori Brinker, Jonn Chickering, Becca Grunkemeyer, Gracie Grunkemeyer, Isabella Keyes, Mark Kozelek, Evan Rogers, Lacy Rogers, Chelsea Russell, Faith VonHandorf

Performances run Aug. 23-31. For more information visit


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Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK KIDS Runs July 13-19

KRT_The Jungle Book Kids logoDisney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK KIDS
Kincaid Regional Theatre
July 13-19
Pendelton County High School [Falmouth, Ky.]

Adapted from the classic Disney animated film, this musical features a host of colorful characters and famous songs from the animated movie.  Based on the works of Rudyard Kipling, the “Man-Cub” Mowgli, bounds through the jungle and learns what it means to be human.

  • Sat, July 13 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, July 14 at 2pm
  • Tue-Wed, July 16-17 at 2pm
  • Thu-Fri, July 18-19 at 7:30pm

Official page |

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PIPPIN Runs July 10-Aug. 4

WFIT_Pippin logoPIPPIN
Warsaw Federal Incline Theater
July 10-Aug. 4
[East Price Hill]

Directed by Matthew Wilson
Music directed by Michael Kennedy
Choreography by Kate Stark

Cast: Jackson Hurt, Nora DeGreen, Maddie Vaughn, Ella Rivera, Justin Glaser, Angela Alexander Nalley, Benjamin Brown, John Woll, Peter Cutler, Michael B. Wright Jr., Adam Levine, Cassidy Steele, Courtney Duncan, Tara-Lynne Skinner, Frankie Montazemi, Keri Baggs, Pamela Blessing and Christopher Carter

There’s magic to do when a prince learns the true meaning of glory, love and war in Stephen Schwartz’s iconic and unforgettable musical masterpiece. Pippin is the story of one young man’s journey to be extraordinary. Winner of four 2013 Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival, this updated version continues to captivate the young and the young-at-heart throughout the world.  Heir to the Frankish throne, the young prince seeks fulfillment in all the ‘expected’ ways – the glories of the battlefield, the temptations of the flesh and the intrigues of political power (after disposing of his father, King Charlemagne the Great). In the end, though, Pippin finds that happiness lies not in extraordinary endeavors, but rather in the un-extraordinary moments that happen every day. The musical features one of Stephen Schwarz’s best scores, including songs like Corner of the SkyNo Time At All and Magic to Do!

  • Wed-Thu, July 10-11 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, July 12-13 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 14 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, July 17-18 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, July 19-20 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 21 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, July 24-25 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, July 26-27 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 28 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, July 31-Aug. 1 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, Aug. 2-3 at 8pm
  • Sun, Aug. 4 at 2pm

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CHURCH GIRLS The Musical Runs July 5-21

CTC_Church Girls promoCHURCH GIRLS The Musical
Commonwealth Theatre Company
July 5-21
Stauss Theatre [Highland Heights]

Book and story by Ken Jones
Music by Jamey Strawn, Lyrics by Christine Jones
Additional Material by Roderick Justice

Cast: Ken Jones, Rodger Pille, Roderick Justice, James Jones, Jeshaun Jackson, Brandon Bentley & Jamey Strawn

A new campy, cheeky, audacious musical comedy! The “ladies” of the Umatilla Second Christian Church Women’s Auxiliary League are getting together to produce their annual Mother’s Day Pageant.  Six men play every character in this singing, acting, dancing, improvisational tour de force. As the ‘Church Girls’ prepare for their pageant, chaos and calamity bring out less than ‘saintly’ behavior.  The result is Heaven sent hilarity! Includes dinner is served 90 minutes before curtain. 

  • Fri-Sat, July 5-6 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 7 at 6:30pm
  • Wed-Sat, July 10-13 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 14 at 6:30pm
  • Wed-Sat, July 17-20 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 21 at 6:30pm

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THE WIZARD OF OZ Runs June 27-July 14

Brookville Community Theatre
June 27-July 14

Directed by James Nelson

Cast: Elainah Skaroupka as Dorothy, Adonis Lemke as Scarecrow/Hunk, Kendal Garrett as Tinman/Hickory, Mark Van Luvender as Lion/Zeke, Sheryl Koontz as Aunt Em/Ensemble, Callista Kinney as Glinda, Bill Bicknell as Uncle Henry/Winkie General/Nikko/Ensemble, Jenna Vance as Almira Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West, Bill Stewart as Professor Marvel/Oz Guard/The Wizard of Oz, Jonah Sievers as Munchkin Mayor/Flying Monkey, Danikah Skaroupka as Munchkin Coroner, Payton Overcash as City Official #1, Jenna Wissinger as City Official #2, Graysen Cherry as Lollipop Guild/Munchkin Braggart, Clark Dues as Lollipop Guild/Munchkin #1/Flying Monkey, Davy Newhart as Lullaby League/Munchkin #2, Genevieve Dues as Lullaby League/Munchkin Ensemble, Emily Etter as Lullaby League/Munchkin Ensemble, Josh Wissinger as Crow/Oz Man #2/Winkie Guard/Ensemble, Brandon Brigeman as Crow/Winkie Guard/Ensemble, Debbi Robbins as Oz Woman #1/Winkie Guard/Ensemble, Alyssa Jenkins as Oz Woman #2/Ensemble, Lindsay Hinds as Tree/Girls Chorus/Ensemble, Jessica Booth as Tree/Girls Chorus/Ensemble, Kate Gaston as Tree/Winkie Guard/Ensemble, Alissa Zapiecki as Girls Chorus/Winkie Guard/Ensemble & Katherine Bicknell as Winkie Guard/Ensemble
Ensemble: Erica Flory, Laura Robbins, Kailee Hoskins, Jasmine Ravenscraft, Paige Van Luvender & Debbi Robbins
Munchkin Ensemble: Eliza Sievers, Kaylee Haupt, Bailey Harrigan, Skylar Sabin, Brooklyn Nawroth & Ellie Grimes

After a tornado whisks her away to the magical land of Oz, young Dorothy Gale teams up with a Scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman and a Cowardly Lion to find the mighty Wizard of Oz, who can send her home. Along the way, they must avoid the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the West, who is trying to steal the mysterious magic slippers that once belonged to her evil sister… but are now on Dorothy’s feet. Dorothy eventually learns just how magical friendship can be and how wonderful it can feel to go home again.

  • Thu-Sat, June 27-29 at 8pm
  • Sun, June 30 at 3pm
  • Thu-Sat, July 4-6 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 7 at 3pm
  • Thu-Sat, July 11-13 at 8pm
  • Sun, July 14 at 3pm

Official page |

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