Auditions Announced at THE BOOK CLUB PLAY at Lebanon Theatre Company

LTC_logoTHE BOOK CLUB PLAY by Karen Zacarias

We will be holding auditions at our theatre on 10 S. Mechanic St., on:

  • Monday, February 27 at 7pm
  • Tuesday, February 28 at 7pm

All roles (unless stated) are in their 30s and 40s, but these are guidelines only. The ensemble fit/chemistry of the 5 friends is more important. Pace and flow are vital for this comedy. Lily is written as black, but all ethnicities for all roles are options.

  • Ana – Beautiful. Charming. Smart. Accomplished. Organized. A columnist for a daily paper. The “Mother Bee.” Her grace masks a need to control.
  • Robert – Ana’s golden-boy; handsome, charismatic, underachiever husband who is starting to search for meaning. Met in college. Upper-crust background.
  • William – Rob’s conservative, well-read, well-dressed, disciplined college roommate. Ana’s former boyfriend. History buff. Unmarried.
  • Jen – Ana’s friend. Pretty. Shy. Smart. Tends to burst out with awkward truthful comments. Despite some lack of self-confidence, she is the grounding centre of the group. Unorganized and oblivious to her own attractiveness. Unmarried.
  • Lily (black, 20s) – A go-getter. Former debate captain who is on the cusp of all current trends and yet can still put her foot in her mouth on social occasions. Laughs at appropriate and inappropriate times. A great lover of books and Ana’s protégé at the paper.
  • Alex – The new guy. A very smart, well-read academic who has lost his moorings and is searching for a real connection. Professor of comparative literature.
  • Pundit (either 1 or several actors, any age/gender): playing five characters: Sam, Wal-Mart guy; Frank, Secret Service agent; Elsa, jaded literary agent; Mrs Simpson, skydiver; Carl, an inmate book dealer.

Production dates: April 28-May 7

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