MACBETH Runs Jan. 27-Feb. 5

CenterStage Players
Jan. 27-Feb. 5
Lockland High School

Directed by Tom Peters
Produced by Fred Hunt

A modern twist on a classic Shakespeare story.

Cast: Keith Cassidy as Macbeth, Adrianna Boris as Lady Macbeth, Elizabeth Hickerson as First Witch, Erica Beimesche as Second Witch, Allison Kalfas as Third Witch, Jay Dallas Benson as Banquo, Bob Buchtman as Porter/Siward/Lord, Burt McCollum as King Duncan/Doctor, John McInerney as Bloody Captain/Lennox/Murderer, Pete Wood as Macduff, Brady Dunn as Malcolm, Katherine Anderson as Donalbain/Messenger, Claire Wilkins as Lady Macduff/Banquo Murderer/Gentlewoman, Jim Waldfogle as Seyton/Murderer/Lord & Hana Conte as Fleance/Young Siward/Macduff’s Child

  • Fri-Sat, Jan. 27-28 at 8pm
  • Sun, Jan. 29 at 2pm
  • Fri-Sat, Feb. 3-4 at 8pm
  • Sun, Feb. 5 at 2pm

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