Actors Sought by Hamilton County Urban Search and Rescue

MISC_Hamilton County USAR Task Force logoGood Afternoon,
My name is Michael Benedic, I’m the Search Team Manager for the Hamilton County Urban Search and Rescue Task Force (USAR).

We are an organization made up of Firefighters, Doctors, and Structural Specialists from all over Hamilton County who specialize in complicated search and rescues.  I like to tell people what a SWAT team is to police, we are to the fire service.

One of our specialties is missing person search operations, missing children, alzheimer patients, etc.

I’m reaching out to your organization for help. One aspect of our search operations is to conduct interviews with relatives, friends, or witnesses who know the missing individual. We do this in order to get an idea of who the missing person is.  What were they wearing, what do they like to do, would they be afraid of strangers calling out for them, are they attracted to bodies of water, etc. This process is an important part of what we do to bring a search to a positive conclusion. The problem is, it’s difficult for us to simulate going through the interview process, which is what brings me to you.

I’m looking for 3 or 4 actors who would be willing to spend a few hours during each of our training days (or one day) and portray a family member of a missing person.  Our members would then conduct and interview with you to gain information. This “realistic” interaction is something very hard to simulate during regular training.

I reached out a number of years ago to do a similar training and had actors come out to help us.  It was very valuable to our guys and I think the actors had fun as well!

If you think you may be interested and able to help, please email me. I can explain further what I’m looking for.

Our training will take place in and around the Madeira Indian Hill Firehouse, Station 64 at the corner of Drake Rd and Shawnee Rd. Training will take place Sept 22nd and 23rd.  I’m still working out the other details of training, but right now I think I would need actors between 12n and 2pm, if even that long.

Thank you so much in advance
Michael Benedic
Search Team Mgr
Hamilton County USAR Task Force

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