Cast Announced for THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW at INNOVAtheatre

INNOV_logoINNOVAtheatre is excited to share the cast list of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW.

  • Averi Astaire- Janet Weiss
  • T.J. Montgomery- Brad Majors
  • Amber Todd- Magenta
  • Alexia Daniels- Columbia
  • Davis Byrd- Riff Raff
  • Norman A. Moxley – Rocky
  • Cole Kessler – Franknfurter
  • Jason Lakes- Dr. Scott
  • Nicholas Brown- Eddie
  • Michaela Back- Narrator
  • Shana Fishbein- Usherett,. Dance Captain & Transylvanian
  • M. G. Griffith- Transylvanian
  • Rachel Davis- Transylvanian
  • Jilliana mcEvilly- Transylvanian
  • Morgan Moad- Transylvanian
  • MacKenzie Randol- Transylvanian

Congratulations to everyone.

Directed by Richard Lee Waldeck with music direction by Judy Mansky and choreographed by Anna Rae Brown, performances run Oct. 21-23.

For more information visit

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