Costume Coordinator: Fall, Winter, and Spring Productions Sought by Mason High School

MISC_Mason SchoolsThe Mason High School Theater Department is looking for a Costume Coordinator for all three of our productions next year. If you enjoy working with high school students full of enthusiasm with varying levels of skills and experience, working in wonderful facilities, and are yearning to become part of a dedicated and hardworking team of theater teachers, this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.    

In this role, you’ll be working after school supervising students designing, building, overseeing rentals, and making alterations of the costumes for each of our productions.  You will need to work closely with the production team to plan budgets, supervise student crews, and keep costumes clean and in good repair.  During the week of the show, you will help supervise costume running crew, hair and make-up crews, and help provide backstage supervision.  After each show, you will be responsible for returning rentals, removing alterations, and making sure costumes are clean before being returned or placed in our stock.


Planning and Materials Ordering

  • Work with directors and to cost out materials for costume construction and rentals
  • Order materials needed
  • Be involved in the production planning process.
  • Check with local costume rental shops or stores

Costume Construction 

  • Train students on how to operate costume shop materials safely
  • Supervise students during the construction process 3 or 4 days a week after school.
  • Ensure that the costume shop is clean, organized, and equipment is maintained.

Technical and Dress Rehearsals

  • Attend all dress and technical rehearsals, working with costume running crew and hair and make-up crew to ensure a safe and productive rehearsal.
  • Help provide adult supervision backstage and in the green room.


  • Attend all performances, helping provide adult supervision for the backstage areas and overseeing costume and hair and make-up crews.


  • Attend strike, helping provide adult supervision of striking the costumes for the show.  Clean costumes pieces, reverse alterations as needed, and return costumes to stock or the various rental houses. 


    • How to design and create appropriate costumes for a variety of productions. 
    • How to create costumes.
    • The various local costume resources.
    • Hair and make-up techniques.  
    • How to use and instruct students on the safe use of the following tools:
      • Sewing Machines
      • Sergers
      • Hand sewing techniques
      • Theater running crew responsibilities and etiquette.  
    • How to teach young people about the craft and art of producing live theater.
  • The ability to keep on schedule and prioritize tasks.


The candidate should have practical costuming experience as well as knowledge of generally accepted safety procedures. Excellent communication skills and a positive attitude are important as you’ll be working with students and theater faculty. Preference will be given to candidates with professional or collegiate experience.

These are supplemental positions.  Pay for each is as follows for the 2022-23 school year:

Technical Director, Fall Production: $2991

Technical Director, Winter Production:  $2991

Technical Director, Spring Musical:  $3912

Do you see yourself being the perfect fit for these positions? If yes, then please contact Student Activities Director Lorri Fox-Allen at

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