Ancient Greek Muses of Art Arrive at 2022 Cincy Fringe to Help Festival-Goers Fix Reality, Save the Future and, Maybe, Hang Out and Have a Beer

CFF22_Your Gorgeous Future logoCincinnati, OH – Aoede and Terpsichore, ancient (but well preserved) Muses of Art, heed the call of Cincinnati’s Citizenship to unlock their humanity-saving, creative genius in Your Gorgeous Future: Cincy Edition, presented by the Cincy Fringe Festival June 6th, 8th, 12th, 13th and 16th.

Having discovered the true nature of reality: that our future is created by what we collectively imagine in the present, Cincy 2022 fringe-goers have called upon Aoede and Terpsichore to time-bounce to the southern shores of the Ohio this June and guide them in an immersive, online creative collaboration to concoct the utopian future, save humanity and enjoy some irreverent, improvisational play.

To save the world, Cincy Citizen-Artists (once securing their admission ticket), shall grab their sacred implements of art (a crayon and scrap paper will do) an adult-beverage and approach the all-seeing eye of Mt. Zoom. Once logged into the Zoom room-of-making, they shall draw, chat and make new friends. Then, shall the Muses of Inspiration descend into the room (via the bodies of human hosts, Dawn Falato and Karen Getz) and guide participants across the vast seas of their boundless imagination, in a journey of collective creation and play.  Scheduled activities include but are not limited to; divine cheerleading, epic ode writing, 70s power balladry, encounters with stoner demi gods and the slings and arrows of outrageous punnerry. 

Your Gorgeous Future: Cincy Edition is a project of a company called, The Gorgeousity a delicious, immersive art-weapon, designed to combat and transcend the societal demons which divide us and diminish our human potential. The company was created in 2013 as an audience-generated, improvisational collaboration between artists and attendees. Each experience is guided by Ancient Muses of Music and Dance, Aoede and Terpsichore (Falato and Getz, respectively). Gently transforming audience members into an instant-ensemble of makers and playmates, each Gorgeousity adventure stealthily takes attendees on a journey through their collective imaginative potential, as they metaphorically and fantastically face and transcend some of society’s greatest problems.

Your Gorgeous Future: Cincy Edition wonders “What if what we collectively-imagine, begets our future reality?”, “What if the (seemingly) intractable course towards a bleak and hopeless future can be rerouted towards a better, more promising one?”, “What if all we need is some uniquely Cincy, mind-magic to make it so?”

The Gorgeousity will be presenting Your Gorgeous Future: Cincy Edition at the 2022 Cincy Fringe, as a a 50-minute, interactive, online experience at 8:30 PM on Monday, June 6th, Wednesday, June 8th, Sunday, June 12th and Thursday, June 16th, with a 10:00 PM show on Monday, June 13th. 

Dawn Falato and Karen Getz are award-winning theater artists based out of Philadelphia. They have helmed over 20 original productions, collectively, and are fringe festival veterans. Falato and Getz were both recipients of the prestigious Philadelphia Theatre Initiative grants for Independent artists; Falato, for her solo-show Saint Anthony’s Body (Philadelphia Live Arts, 2003 / Berkshire Fringe, 2005) and Getz for her acclaimed comic ballet, Suburban Love Songs, (Philadelphia Live Arts/Fringe, 2006 / 1812 Productions, 2008) and The A.I. Project, (BRT, 2010). Falato’s projects outside of the fringe circuit have included, among other adventures, appearing as a performer in The Public Theater’s 2009 revival of Hair in NYC’s Central Park. Getz was last seen at Cincy Fringe in 2012 in Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical…(Cincy Fringe Improv Award). Fringe-goers all over the world might also be familiar with her as one of the eight featured dancers in the movie Dirty Dancing. 


Mon 6th June 8:30 PM 60 min
Wed 8th June 8:30 PM 60 min
Sun 12th June 8:30 PM 60 min
Mon 13th June 10:00 PM 60 min
Thurs 16th June 8:30 PM 60 min

Creators and Performers:

  • Karen Getz
  • Dawn Falato
  • Cory Palmer

Single tickets to Your Gorgeous Future: Cincy Edition, presented by the 2022 Cincy Fringe Festival, are on a sliding scale of $16-$20, and may be ordered at,

All other festival passes are currently on sale at

Know Theatre proudly presents The 19th Annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival – the region’s largest and longest-running annual performing arts festival – June 3–18, 2022! A 14-day celebration featuring hundreds of live performances from independent local, national, and international artists, the Cincy Fringe is Cincinnati’s Summer Theatre Party. This year, our Primary Lineup Productions return indoors and in-person, and is, as always, Kinda Weird. Like You!

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