COMPANY Runs March 16-19

TLD_Company promoCOMPANY
TheatreLab Dayton
March 16-19
PNC Arts Annex [Dayton]

Cast: Bobby Mitchum as Robert, Allie Haines as Sarah, Garrett Young as Harry, Danielle Ruddy as Susan, Derick Latimer as Peter, Abby Hoggatt as Jenny, Philip Drennen as David, Kara Hancock as Amy, Joshua Hughes as Paul, Lindsay Sherman as Joanne, David Moyer as Larry, Rachel Hertenstein as Mara, Brooke Hardin as April & Jackie Randall as Kathy

It’s Bobby’s 35th birthday party and all of his friends keep asking, why isn’t he married? Why can’t he find the right girl and isn’t it time to settle down and start a family? As Bobby searches for answers, he discovers why being single, being married, and just being alive could drive a person crazy. Boldly sophisticated, deeply insightful, and downright hilarious, COMPANY features Stephen Sondheim’s award-winning songs “You Could Drive a Person Crazy,” “The Ladies Who Lunch,” “Side by Side by Side” and the iconic “Being Alive.” Let’s all drink to that.

  • Wed-Thu, March 16-17 ay 7:30pm
  • Fri, March 18 at 8pm
  • Sat, March 19 at 2pm & 8pm

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