Auditions Announced for EVELYN’S DRESS From Time Warp Film Company

MISC_Auditions2My name is Savvy Gorman. I have recently founded Time Warp Company, a film company that focuses on the production of short films, and my team and I are producing a short film entitled “Evelyn’s Dress”.

These auditions will be held at Millikin Woods Park on March 19th from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and signups are posted on SignUp Genius. Our page on their site will also include the Synopsis and Character Descriptions.

We are calling for two adults, one female presenting age 25-40 and the other male presenting age 35-45. The actors will not receive compensation due to this being a student film. We are, however, looking for adults willing to work with and be directed by High School students while maintaining a professional work environment. We are asking that everyone signs up with their legal name. Lastly, we are requesting, not requiring, that every person that signs up for an audition provides evidence that they have not previously been charged with any lewd and lascivious acts with a minor.

Evelyn’s Dress is the story of Ashley Hanson and Evelyn Foster, two 17-year-old girls that are 100 years apart, brought together by a journal that defies all logic. The girls grow closer and closer until tragedy strikes, forcing one of the girls to learn to carry on alone. She will have to find a way to bring both their dreams and aspirations into fruition.

Character Descriptions:

Lucille Foster (Female presenting; Ages 25-40) – Evelyn’s mother. She is from 1921. She speaks with purpose and thinks through every word she says to make sure she has the best influence for her daughter. She is the caretaker but eventually lets Evelyn care for her in return.

Don Hanson (Male presenting; Ages 30-45)- Ashley’s dad. He is from 2021. He is doing his best as a single parent after his wife’s death the previous year. He gets confused easily and needs things to be straightforward but he’s still proud of his daughter for her work.

Thank You,

Savvy Gorman

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