Cast Announced for WRONG WINDOW at Beechmont Players

BPI_logoPlease help us welcome the cast of our Spring show, WRONG WINDOW.

Cast List:

  • Jeff Elbies – Lon Nease
  • Marnie Elbies – Victoria Kirby
  • Robbie Smith – Scott Unes
  • Midge Smith – Susan Unes
  • Loomis – Jim Waldfogle
  • Thor Larswald – Ken Macke
  • Lila Larswald – Mary Jo Bissmeyer
  • Detective Thomas – Zak Slemmer

Synopsis: Van Zandt & Milmore pay tribute to Master of Horror Alfred Hitchcock, with this comedy whodunit. Off-and-on New York couple Marnie and Jeff enter an even more complicated phase of their relationship when they think they spy their cross-courtyard neighbor do away with his wife. After they draw their torn curtain, the lady vanishes, and suspicion places murder beyond a shadow of a doubt. The bumbling witnesses sneak into their neighbor’s apartment – 39 steps away – and the fun begins. Among multiple door-slammings, body-snatchings, and a frantic flashlight chase scene, two questions remain: Who killed Lila Larswald? And… if she’s not dead…then who is? The crazy farce plays out on a shadow-box set that allows the audience to be present in one apartment, while viewing the action in its mirror-image neighboring unit across the way.

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