MISC_Every Day But Monday promoEVERY DAY BUT MONDAY
Baldy J Productions
Sept. 24-26
Bell Tower Arts Pavilion [Evendale]

Written by Vaslav J. Rice
Directed by Judy Berrens

Cast: Geoff Hill as Mason Brandon, Megan Fridenmaker as S.J. Henshaw, Alisha Lee as Dixie/Female Therapist/Waitress,/Rachel/College Student/Katrina & Robert Walker as Bartender/Male therapist/Waiter/Doctor

Young political campaign workers Mason Brandon & S.J. Henshaw meet each other during the primary campaign season of 1992 on Leap Year. Despite working for rival Presidential candidates- the two fall for each other. During the next twenty years (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012)- Mason & S.J. reunite every Leap Year (around every Leap Year: Presidential Primaries are in full swing- making for an interesting backdrop). Marriages, children, significant others, rival candidates, opposite party candidates, different cities never get in the way for these tortured lovers from reuniting. Intended for adult audiences.

  • Fri-Sat, Sept. 24-25 at 8pm
  • Sun, Sept. 26 at 3pm

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