Auditions Announced for DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW at Village Players

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It’s four days before Christmas in the tiny town of Tinsel, Texas, and a colorful parade of eccentric guests arrive at the Snowflake Inn and deck the halls with holiday hilarity. You’ll swear this family-friendly Jones/Hope/Wooten Christmas comedy is more fun than a joyride in a one-horse open sleigh!

Directed by Dan Maloney

Audition Dates:

  • Sunday, July 11 at 2pm
  • Monday, July 12 at 7pm

Location: 8 N. Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY

Performance Dates: December 3-5 & 9-11, 2021

DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW features four short stories about Christmas. Rehearsal commitment for each story will be similar to a one-act play. Rehearsals will be scheduled around cast conflicts. Cast members must be available for Tech Week starting Sunday, November 28th and for all performances. Physical performers encouraged. Director is seeking a large and diverse cast.

Special note about casting: Ages listed are suggested. Characters may be played by older or younger performers for comedic effect. Physical performers encouraged. Director is seeking a large and diverse cast.

  • Trina Walcott – Innkeeper; bright and bubbly; only character in every scene
  • Mr. Boykin – Offstage voice; downbeat and petulant guest; never seen
  • Lou Ida – Offstage voice; surly housekeeper; never seen
  • Cuddles – 40s – 50s; matronly; dresses like Mrs. Santa Claus
  • Binky – 40s – 50s; spry and energetic; dresses like one of Santa’s elves
  • Hoyt Ledford – 40s – 50s; an anxious man with an agenda
  • Donna Jo Austin – Late 40s; brash and spunky
  • Aunt Ennis Puckett – 80s; curmudgeonly and sharp-tongued
  • Aunt Della Crowder – 80s; feisty and sweet faced
  • Ainsley Danforth – 50s – 60s; a pompous, overly dramatic actor; wears a hooded cape
  • Lenora Benedict – 50s – 60s; a self-involved prima donna; also wears a hooded cape
  • Paulette Coogan – 40s; blunt, humorless stage/road manager; wears a small boy’s period outfit
  • Twink Futrelle – 50s; determined and practical
  • Honey Raye Futrelle – 50s; sexy and vivacious
  • Raynerd Chisum – 40s; uncomplicated and childlike
  • Frankie Futrelle – 50; sensible and down to earth
  • Rhonda Lynn Lampley – 50s; spunky and saucy; has a case of the gout

About the Auditions
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring known conflicts. Head shots and resumes are appreciated but not required.

For more information or to see a copy of the script, contact director Dan Maloney at

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