Video Auditions Announced for TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT… at Village Players

VP_new logoVillage Players of Fort Thomas and director Nathan Henegar are calling for video audition submissions for our 2021 New Works Production, TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT…

Minimal rehearsal requirement, safety first, fun a close second!

Who: 6-20 actors of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, etc. to fill (and possibly double) roles!

What: record an audition performance of the accompanying monologue or another comedic monologue no longer than 60 seconds

When: submit a video or a link to your audition video to director Nathan Henegar at no later than 5:00 pm on March 7th! Resumes welcome but not required. Please include all conflicts in the body of the email (see rehearsal details below).

Where: all auditions will be via pre-recorded video; the performance will be recorded at 8 N. Fort Thomas Ave. in the Village Players theater in early May, depending on conflicts and rehearsal schedules.

There will be three rehearsals per role (with likely double-casting) leading up to Recording Week. Recording Week will include several dress rehearsals culminating with the Recording (we capitalize that now, because of unprecedented times). Masks at all rehearsals.


“You always gotta let the last man go. It’s honorable. He’s the last guy to make it out of the bag. The warrior. He’s the last samurai man.

You have to give it some thought and wonder, how did this little M & M do it? How was he skilled enough to be the last M & M in the bag, out of all the other M & M’s in the bag? All the different colors. All the different sizes. I always let the last one go because he was the strongest, the swiftest, the smartest peanut out of the bunch. If you respect the candy, you gotta respect the nut.

Some people will call it science. Others will call it luck. I like to call it destiny. It was destiny combined with talent that made this little fella survive. Picture it. All of these other peanuts, some bigger than you, some faster than you, some smarter than you…all fighting to stay in the back of the bag when you turn it upside down to eat one of them. This little fella beat the odds. He deserves to be set free, just on moral obligation alone. Call me crazy, but no matter what you say, I’m always going to let the last man go.”

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