Video Auditions Announced for A TALE OF TAILS at Village Players

VP_logoVillage Players of Fort Thomas and director Jessie Faye are calling for video audition submissions for A TALE OF TAILS, two family-friendly short plays by Fred Tacon and Eric Thomas.

Who: Adults of any age and children/teens 10 years and up

What: record an audition performance of the accompanying Humpty monologue from Holka Polka: A Fairytale Mystery from the Land of Oz by D.M. Larson.

When: submit a link to your audition video (large files attached to email may not come through) to director Jessie Faye at no later than February 24th! Resumes welcome but not required. Please include all conflicts in the body of the email (see rehearsal details below).

Where: all auditions will be via pre-recorded video; two performances of A TALE OF TAILS on May 23rd, 2021 will be performed LIVE at the Tower Park amphitheater in Fort Thomas.

Rehearsals will be held Thursdays through Sundays beginning in early March, so please be sure to send all conflicts during this time with your audition video. Masks will be required at in-person rehearsals, and cast members will be separated as often as possible.



 A scene from the play Holka Polka: A Fairy Tale Mystery from the Land of Oz by D. M. Larson

“It was a dark and stormy night in fairyland. A night just perfect for witches. With fairy godmother in the clink, I began to wonder if we were ready for a world turned topsy-turvy. Sweet witches and friendly wolves. Wise wizards and princesses with pig noses. It’s a world gone mad but somehow things are looking sunny-side up and we may find some kind of happily ever after in fairytale land.

I was about to call it a day because I had this over easy feeling coming over me… when she rolled in. She had the figure of a fortress and the countenance of a cobra. She was the goddaughter; the witchiest woman west of Walla Walla.

I wondered if this was some kind of yolk. I had already cracked the case of the sleeping prince. Fairy godmother was left with egg on her face. The sleeping spell was only the Easter coloring on a much more rotten egg. She had bigger eggs to fry. And the corruption nearly broke fairytale land apart. Thankfully they had me to put it back together again.”

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