Third Installment of TDW’s HOME VIEW THEATRE is Now Available for Streaming

TDW_Paranormal Investigations promoThe third installment of The Drama Workshop’s Home View Theatre  video series is now available for viewing. The video is called A Paranormal Investigation into The Raven and was written and directed by Dennis Murphy and stars CJ and Betsy Bossart.  Ms. Bossart plays the host for the television series Paranormal Investigations. She is interviewing one Edgar Poe (played by Mr. Bossart) who claims to be visited nightly by a ghostly raven. Is this a bonafide haunting or something else entirely?  You’ll have to watch to know.

Paranormal Investigation is the third installment of Home View Theatre which aired Stranded Traveler in late September and Local Legends in early October.  Stranded Traveler is Eric Thomas’ play about someone asking for money at a bus stop, who is challenged to be honest about what they need the money for. The video was directed by Thomas and features Chris Bishop and Stephanie Klein. Local Legends was directed by Alexa Justice and features seven local storytellers relaying their favorite ghostly tales.  Some of the stories are related to Cincinnati history. The storytellers are Adrianna Marie Boris, Jeb Brack, Greg Hand, Kat Jones, Kat Klockow, Carolmarie Stock and Bill Stringer.

The series will continue in November with the release of A Better Place by Eric Thomas and directed by Scott Unes who also stars in the video along with his wife, SusanAmanda Emmons-Shumate will direct Denise’s Do-Over which will be released in early December. This comedy about video dating was written by Susan Decatur and features Peggy Allen, Chris Bishop, Rob Bucher, Kristy Rucker, Jim Swartwout and Jim Waldfogle.  The final video in this series will be The Gift of the Magi written and directed by Dennis Murphy and starring Ray Lebowski and Anna and D’Waughn Hazzard.

Tickets for any of the Home View productions can be purchased at or by calling the box office at (513)598-8303. Single videos are $5 or you can subscribe to the whole series for only $25.

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