Casting Call for SILENT SCREAM from The Carnegie Creative Disruption Committee

TC_Creative Disruption Committee logoCASTING CALL FOR SILENT SCREAM
A walking tour mystery written and directed by Sean Mette

Performances: October 29, 30, 31, Nov 16-10pm

Rehearsals: October 9, 19, 21, 23 on zoom. October 24, 25, 26, 28 onsite at The Carnegie. Rehearsals will mostly take place in the evenings, roughly 7-9pm. Saturday, October 24th will be a longer day, noon-9pm with breaks throughout, including dinner break.

Billy Bailey was one of the most promising actors of the silent screen. When Billy’s fiancé was mysteriously found dead, Billy became the prime suspect. However, before the truth could be revealed a fire destroyed the theatre and all the evidence within it. Now ghosts roam the theatre where the murder took place, forever searching for the truth. Will you solve the mystery or become part of it? 

Description of the Show:
Silent Scream is a narrative mystery that is told one character at a time. Small groups of patrons are led through a series of rooms and locations throughout the Carnegie building hearing stories from the different ghosts and receiving new pieces of information to the overarching story/mystery along the way.

Safety for the audience and actors have been built into the production design of the show. Some precautions include physically distant staging, required mask wearing and small group audience tours through the production.

 Auditions by Email Submission Only. What to send:

  • Headshot and resume for consideration. Actors will be selected from submitted resumes to film a short side for the casting panel. Please include information on which characters you wish to be considered for from the list at the bottom of this notice.

Please send email with resume and headshot attached to Maggie Perrino, by 5pm on October 1 to be considered for the show. To volunteer for this project, email

CASTING POLICY: SILENT SCREAM encourages a diversity of race, gender identity, age, and body type in its casting. Actors from all backgrounds and life experiences are encouraged to audition. Actors must be able to play the characters as listed but needn’t match the role specifically in age or gender identity.


  • The Carnegie CDC defines paid roles in each of its projects that charge admission.

  • SILENT SCREAM will offer 8 paid performance roles.

  • The 8 performance roles will be paid as part of a profit-sharing program at the end of the show. The amount paid out will directly depend on how many tickets are sold.

  • The Carnegie CDC takes 25% of profits for ongoing work, while 75% of profits will be equally split among the defined paid roles (8 actors and 2 production roles.)

 All cast members must feel comfortable rehearsing on zoom, working independently, climbing stairs/walking substantial distances, complying with temperature and symptom checks as well as wearing masks as part of rehearsal and performance protocols. 

 Available Roles

  • Billy Bailey: The rising star of the silent screen. Billy Bailey is charismatic and charming. A mirrored image of the qualities that you wish that you saw in yourself and others. His on-screen persona is the type of character that despite any logical reason to, you can’t help but root for. However, after the murder of his fiancé all of this is put into doubt of who the real Billy is
  •  Helen “Nellie” Rose Ward: The murdered fiancé of Billy Bailey. Prior to her murder, she was also a rising star of the silent screen, being seen most often alongside Billy in pictures. She is sweet, wholesome and extremely grateful for everything that has been awarded to her in life. Considers herself very lucky. As she came from a poor, rural town she always found ways to help those less fortunate than herself.
  • Rachel Lockwood: The daughter of Henry Lockwood and manages Lockwood Studios, where Billy Bailey’s films are produced. Lockwood comes from wealth and believes that she is entitled to the finest things in life due to her birth. The knowledge that she processes power over the lives of many, including Billy Bailey, gives her joy. Thanks to her wealth and upbringing, she has been awarded the opportunity to study a variety of non-traditional subjects, typically ones that (in one way or another) provide her with a way to accumulate more power.
  • William/Wilhelmina Kennedy: The projectionist and archivist of the Blue Orchid Theater. A Well-educated and openly intellectual person. It makes you wonder why Kennedy chose to work in a theater instead of other scholarly pursuits. Publicly hates having to explain things to people, but secretly enjoys it.
  • Edith Louise Dinkley: Billy Bailey’s most enthusiastic fan, Edith comes to the theater almost every night to see Billy on the screen. Believes that she is Billy Bailey’s greatest love, “he just doesn’t know it yet.” Knows everything about Billy Bailey and is not afraid to speak at length about the subject, despite the lack of evidence of some of her claims. Would do anything for Billy and believes that death will bring her even closer to her “one true love.”
  • Virginia Grace O’Connor:  An aspiring soloist, Virginia is tired of being in the chorus line and wants to be the lead. Her classical training gives her the underlying motivation to be better, no matter the cost. Nicknamed the “Backstage Banshee”, Virginia’s wails can easily be heard as she is “warming up.” Singing ability not required, but preferred.
  • George/Georgia Marsh: The technician and overall “fix it” man for Lockwood Studios and the Blue Orchid Theater. With an office under the stage of the Blue Orchid, Marsh has heard all plenty of conversations that people intended to be private. What does Marsh do with that information? That is for George/Georgia to decide? Marsh enjoys death more than being alive. “I don’t have to work and can spend all my time listening to my “skylark.”” George/Georgia is in love with Virginia Grace O’Connor.
  •  The Phantasm (Rachel Lockwood in disguise): Holds some power over the ghosts of the Blue Orchid Theater. Eerie, manipulative and generally puts people at unease.

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