The Drama Workshop Announces HOME VIEW THEATRE

TDW_VERT(Cheviot, Ohio) The Drama Workshop, being currently unable to bring more award-winning live theatre to the Glenmore Playhouse, will be releasing video shorts online as part of their series called HOME VIEW THEATRE.

HOME VIEW THEATRE is in the spirit of The Drama Workshop’s popular short play festival called “Home Brew Theatre.” It will feature short films primarily written and adapted by local authors. These short filmed plays will be in a variety of formats: some filmed on stage, some shot on location as short films, and one has been adapted to be performed as a “Zoom play” where the actors appear on screen as if by video call.

The first release is “Stranded Traveler”, which was produced for the stage as part of Home Brew in 2018. Written and directed by Eric Thomas, it is about someone asking for money at a bus stop, who is challenged to be honest about what they need the money for.

October will have two offerings in the spirit of Halloween. “A Paranormal Investigation into The Raven,” written and directed by Dennis Murphy, is a comedic take on the Poe classic, where a  paranormal investigator interviews a man being haunted by a raven. The other offering is “Local Legends,” a collection of spooky tales told by local story tellers, including local legend Greg Hand. That collection will be directed by Alexa Justice.

Two short films about love and relationships will be released in November, both of which were originally staged as part of Home Brew 2019. The first is “Denise’s Do Over,” about a middle-aged woman getting back in the dating game — this time, online. It was adapted by the author Susan Decatur  to work as a “Zoom Play” with windows appearing on screen for each character as they telephone Denise. It will be directed by Amanda Schumate.

The other is “A Better Place” by Eric Thomas, about a person trying to find a way to get over a breakup, who asks a rideshare driver for help in navigating a path to peace. It will be directed by Scott Unes.

December will feature an adaptation of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi,” written and directed by Dennis Murphy.

They will be offered at a price of $5 each for general admission, and $10 for “generous” admission. There will also be a discounted price of $25 for the collection of 6 films. Links to the videos will be released to ticket holders. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling the box office at (513)598-8303.

The Drama Workshop operates from its home at The Glenmore Playhouse at 3716 Glenmore Way in Cheviot.

THE DRAMA WORKSHOP was founded in 1954. TDW is a 501I3 non-profit organization dedicated to advancing education and promotion of the theatrical arts. The Drama Workshop is widely recognized as one of greater Cincinnati’s most accomplished community theater organizations, garnering dozens of awards annually from the Association of Community Theatres of Greater Cincinnati. TDW’s 2019 production of “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” was selected to represent the Southwest Ohio region at the Ohio Community Theatre Association annual conference. TDW was also honored to represent the state of Ohio at the 2013 and 2017 American Association of Community Theatre regional conferences. The Drama Workshop has been recognized by the Cincinnati Preservation Association for their efforts to rehabilitate the former Glenmore Bowl into The Glenmore Playhouse. Prospective members, and individuals or businesses interested in becoming involved or in helping advance TDW’s mission are encouraged to contact the group through our website at, or by phone at 513-598-8303.

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