Actors Needed for SERIALS! 10 Performance

KTC_Serials 10Hello Cincy Actors!!

I’m Gray Shaw and I have a piece running in Serials! 10 at the Know Theatre. The name of my serial is “Psych-O (or “O” is for Outcast), and it is centered on a female psychologist whose practice is exclusively patients that society hates – clowns, mimes, telemarketers, lawyers, etc.

The first episode has a male Clown Patient and a male Mime Patient (who also plays the offstage voice of the doctor’s male secretary, and obviously the female psychologist. The performance date is the evening of Monday, March 2 (and if voted by the audience to continue, a second and final evening of Monday, March 16).

We would probably rehearse for couple of hours on the afternoon of the Saturday prior and possibly the same amount of time on the afternoon of that Sunday (depending upon the actors’ schedules) but then definitely a Monday dress rehearsal on the actual stage at the Know in a time slot they will assign us somewhere prior to the night’s show. If the serial is extended to the 16th, a similar rehearsal schedule will be used for that performance.

Interested? If so, please email me a good time to contact you and a phone number to

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