Disney’s FREAKY FRIDAY Quick Review

Disney’s FREAKY FRIDAY presented by Northern Kentucky University School of the Arts  through Nov. 24. I attended the opening Saturday performance. 

NKU_Freaky Friday1

Blair Lamb as Ellie and Company. Photo by Jesse Byerly.

This was my first opportunity to see a production of Disney’s FREAKY FRIDAY and I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be my last. The stage adaption tells its own story about a magical mother/daughter body swap with a solid book and enjoyable musical numbers.

NKU_Freaky Friday3

Jake Hunter as Adam & Charlie Lindeman as Fletcher Blake.

Director Jamey Strawn does a great job of emphasizing the emotional beats of the show and keeping the characters as well as their relationships grounded and believable. Tracy Bonner’s choreography was enjoyable to watch and really showcased the abilities of the ensemble. The orchestra, under the direction of Damon Stevens, had a great sound, and the balance between the vocals and the orchestra was spot on.

Anna C. Catton’s set design, comprised mostly trucks and flies smartly set the various locations while allowing the show to maintain its strong pacing. The look of the characters (costumes designed by Ronnie Chamberlain; hair/makeup by Halee Paige Hood) worked well across the cast.

NKU_Freaky Friday2

Sarah Hack as Katherine & Blair Lamb as Ellie. Photo by Jesse Byerly.

Speaking of the cast, the ensemble as a whole did excellent work. Everyone on stage, at any given moment, was completely engaged from start to finish. The two leads (Sarah Hack as mother Katherine and Blair Lamb as daughter Ellie) convincingly portrayed the body swap in the performances and impressed vocally, especially with their second act solo numbers. Jake Hunter’s characterization of Adam (or should I say, ADAM!!) shows his good heart despite his social media-obsessed exterior.

Congratulations on a wonderful production.

My rating: 4.75 out of 5.

Click here for more information on the production.

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