PROOF Quick Review

PROOF presented by The Carnegie through Nov. 17. I attended the opening night performance. 


Katie Mitchell as Catherine & Allen R. Middleton as Robert. Mikki Schaffner Photography.


Kate Mock Elliott as Clair & Katie Mitchell as Catherine. Mikki Schaffner Photography.

Director Torie Wiggins deftly leads her small but strong cast through this enjoyable production. The relationships between the four characters are honest and well-defined. The cast: Katie Mitchell as Catherine, Kate Mock Elliott as Catherine’s older sister Clair, Allen R. Middleton as their father Robert and Jared Earland as Robert’s former student Hal are definitely up to the demands of David Auburn’s engaging script.

Designer Doug Stock’s set depicting the rear of the family home is visually impressive and completely believable from the audience. I did feel that an additional element to sit on or lean against could have given the director more options in the blocking. The solid, supporting work of the production team creates a near-perfect environment for this story to be told.


Jared Earland as Hal & Katie Mitchell as Catherine. Mikki Schaffner Photography.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Click here for more information on the production.

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