MACBETH Runs Oct. 26-27

US_Macbeth logoMACBETH
Unrehearsed Shakespeare
Oct. 26-27
Colerain Park Amphitheater

Coordinated by Adrianna Boris
Dramaturgy by Brendan Horell
Special Effects by Nick Castle

Cast: Jacqlyn Schott as Witch 1/Murderer 1, Liz Koch as Witch 2/Murderer 2, Victoria Garcia as Witch 3/Murderer 3, Kent Smith as Duncan/Old Man, Nick Castle as Malcolm, Marty Vota as Donalbain, Dan Maloney as Macbeth, Megan Williams as Lady Macbeth, Zachary Julian as Seyton, Brendan Horell as Doctor/Siward/Doctor at English Court, Karly Danos as Gentlewoman/Menteith, Stormi Bledsoe as Porter/Caithness, Elizabeth Hickerson as Banquo, Aimee Ward as Fleance/Macduff’s Son/Young Siward, Chris Ball as Macduff, Amalia Tollas as Lady Macduff, Jackie Miesle as Lennox, Heidi Olson as Ross, Mimi Witsken as Angus/Captain in Duncan’s Army &  Kaitrin McCoy as Hecate
Attendants/Servants/Messengers/Lords/Sewers/Ghosts: Stormi Bledsoe, Nick Castle, Karly Danos, Brendan Horell, Zachary Julian, Kaitrin McCoy, Jackie Miesle, Amalia Tollas, Heidi Olson, Kent Smith, Marty Vota, Aimée Ward & Mimi Witsken

“Double, double, toil and trouble…”

Unrehearsed Shakespeare is a performance concept that attempts to reconstruct how these plays were performed in Shakespeare’s time. Actors carry scrolls containing only their own lines, so they can react in real time to each other – they’re hearing the other actors’ lines for the first time, just like the audience. It’s an organic, genuine exercise in theatrical realism that strips away most of the embellishments and leaves us with what matters most – Shakespeare’s brilliant text. We hope you’ll join us for this experience!

Free, no reservations required. Bring a chair, a blanket, and a pumpkin spice latte and experience Shakespeare’s spookiest masterpiece – MACBETH.

  • Sat-Sun, Oct. 26-27 at 5pm

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