CHIVALRY Runs Aug. 2-4

TROY_Chivalry promoCHIVALRY
Troy Civic Theatre
Aug. 2-4
Troy City Park

Written by Todd and Kathy Bryant
Directed by Kathy Bryant

CHIVALRY is a comedy that celebrates geek culture: Dungeons & Dragons, comics, sci-fi, etc. Charlie Angle is a PhD in Medieval history, whose passion in life is his conviction that the tenets of Chivalry need to be revived in our modern culture. He owns and operates a fantasy hobby store that is not doing well financially – a source of stress due to the fact that his wife, Morgan, is pregnant. Charlie is in search of a noble quest when he overhears a conversation about a hidden trunk containing several million dollars in cash (from a drug deal gone bad). The only other person who knows about the money is Charlie’s lowlife neighbor, Rob. Can a group of role-playing geeks outwit an underworld thug at his own game and beat him to the treasure? (There is some mild language and a stabbing)

  • Fri-Sat, Aug. 2-3 at 8pm
  • Sun, Aug. 4 at 2pm

Official page | Facebook event

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