Cast Announced for THE MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS OF 1940 at Dayton Theatre Guild

DTGDayton Theatre Guild is pleased to announce the cast of THE MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS OF 1940 by John Bishop.

  • Lynn Vanderpool as Elsa Von Grossenknuten
  • Brad Bishop as Michael Kelly
  • Dave Nickel as Patrick O’Reilly
  • Jeff Sams as Ken De La Maize
  • K.A. Mercuri as Helsa Wenzel
  • Lolli Mitchell as Nikki Crandal
  • George Merusi as Eddie McCuen
  • Jennifer Lockwood as Marjorie Baverstock
  • Chuck Larkowski as Roger Hopewell
  • Melissa Ertsgaard as Bernice Roth


The creative team responsible for a recent Broadway flop, in which three chorus girls were murdered by the mysterious “Stage Door Slasher,” assemble for a backer’s audition of their new show at an exclusive Westchester estate. But the infamous “Slasher” reappears and strikes again and again. As the composer, lyricist, actors and director prepare their performance, a blizzard cuts off any possibility of leaving. Bodies start to drop in plain sight, and the bumbling police inspector who snowshoes in to investigate helps solve the mystery in the nick of time and the “Slasher” is ultimately unmasked.

Directed by Doug Lloyd
Produced by Debra Kent

The show runs weekends Aug 23-Sep 8, 2019

For more information, including future auditions, see

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