Vampires in Covington, Should We Be Scared?

Kaos Studios
June 27-30
Leapin Lizard [Mainstrasse]

(Covington, KY – June 10, 2019)

Hello Mortal. Do you want to meet a vampire?

My name is Count Christian Drago Smackula and you have found our event information. Bravo! My family Troupe and I invite you to a private evening of theatrical entertainment, drinks and candor. Together, we will share and perform century old tales from our immortal lives. This is our form, our craft and our medicine.

This particular performance is the revival of our 1919 production of Count Smackula and his Three Scares with the full original cast.  It began as a revenge piece of sorts, now the show has been adapted for today’s audience as an introduction to real vampires in the mortal public.  We will be revealing three of my most precious memories, or scares, for your entertainment.

The performances will be held at Leapin Lizard at 724 Main St. Covington, KY

  • Thursday June 27th at 8pm
  • Friday June 28th at 8pm
  • Saturday June 29th at 8pm
  • Sunday June 30th at 2pm

The Troupe includes Zadie Nageir, Durina Kovac and Lawrence Hemming. The play is written and performed by the ensemble. We unearth where Bram Stoker got some of his ideas for Dracula and bust myths about real vampires and sanguinarians. It will be a night of laughter, drama and kinship.

Leapin Lizard has graciously offered us their space to share our story with you all.  Unfortunately, the building is not handicap accessible as there is a flight of stairs to traverse to access the performance space – we apologize for this inconvenience.

Doors open an hour before the show and there will be a full-bar (vampire friendly) open before and after the show. Tickets are $20 and available at

Please follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates leading to the performance.

If you want a SNEAK PEEK, Count Smackula and the Troupe will be performing a free vampire MEET & GREET improvised show at SECOND SIGHT SPIRITS (301 Elm St. Ludlow, KY) on FRIDAY JUNE 21st, 8pm. We will be taking suggestions from the audience to perform memories from our mortal or vampire past. This is a vampire and mortal friendly event.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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