Kivie Productions Present a Double Feature

KP_Double Feature logoWritten and Directed by Kalman Kivkovich

Yes, August 2019 is about four months away, but is closing fast . . .

At my age of 84 . . . okay 74 . . . it is hard work for a guy who is considered a senior citizen.

One old friend once told me that to be awakened before 10 AM is immoral, period.  Well, Sandi and I, both senior citizens, wake up at 6 AM seven days a week.  We both have much to do and not enough time to do it.

A couple of months ago, I told the world about my new theatre venture, a double feature of two of my new short plays, SAVE a SOUL, SAVE the WORLD and GRANDMA ROZI.

KIVIE PRODUCTIONS is on record as the Production Company.

SAVE a SOUL, SAVE the WORLD – DRAMA – written and directed by Kalman Kivkovich,is a Holocaust Story: A Jewish Orthodox teenager with his strong determination to save another young life earns himself a new beginning. The story is set in 1965 in Israel and 1943 in the Ghetto of Nazi-Occupied Sosnowiec, Poland.

GRANDMA ROZI – COMEDY – written and directed by Kalman Kivkovich, loosely based on a short story by the Israeli author Ran Appelberg.
An eccentric Israeli grandmother makes a difference in her grandson’s life.
Set in present time in Israel.

The TWO PLAYS are heading to the stage of Aronoff Center in Cincinnati for a Double Feature in August 2019.

Aronoff Center, Fifth-Third Bank Theater
The dates: August 20, 21 & 22, 2019 – 7:30 PM . .. . Admission $20.
Tickets are already on sale at the Aronoff Center Box Office.
Also on line: and by phone: 513.621.2787.

Save and get the tickets at the ticket counter on Walnut Street.

What a CAST!!! Yes, what a CAST!!!


  • Alan Kootsher – [MOSHEH / MOISHE]
  • Nik Pajic – [MOTI]
  • Dennis Blom – [YOSSEF / TADEK]
  • Michael Loos – [NAZI MAN]
  • Raine Mari – [Little MOTTEL] . . . the new little Yentl on the block.


  • Chessie Vigran – [GRANDMA ROZI]
  • Jeremy Spitzig – [RAMI]
  • Elizabeth Hickerson – [NOMI]


  • Kalman Kivkovich – [Playwright / Director / Producer]
  • Sandi Kivkovich – [Associate Producer, Props]
  • Richard Zenk – [Stage Manager]
  • Sara Krehbiel – [Assistant Stage Manager]
  • Tom Deren – [Musician, Accordionist]
  • Tom Ralston – [Props, Sound]
  • Hagit Limor – [Presenter]
  • Michael Skaggs – [Photographer]
  • Carola Timmerding – [Photographer]

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