Cast Announced for HOME BREW THEATER Part 4 at The Drama Workshop

TDW_Home Brew 2019 logoThe Drama Workshop will present HOME BREW THEATER the weekend of June 7-9, 2019 at the Glenmore Playhouse in Cheviot.

The annual festival features productions of short plays by local authors, and a reception featuring local beer. This year again the beer will be supplied by our friends at West Side Brewery, and the festival is possible thanks to a generous grant from Summerfair Cincinnati.

Cast includes: Heather Abbot, Peggy Allen, Jamie Ball, Aaron Bates, Chris Bishop, Betsy Brossart, Ally Donahue, Trevor Browning, Trisha Cooper, Amy Eyers, Cathy Judge, Ben Lacy, Rusty Lacy, Darren Lee, Fred Murrell, Megan Schultheis & Arny Stoller.

That talented cast will be performing in short plays by playwrights Clint Bramkamp, Chris Charlson, Jen Davis, Susan Decatur, Greg Hatfield, Teri Foltz, AK Forbes, Fred Tacon, Eric Thomas and Robb Willoughby.

The plays will be directed by Lynne Aronson, Elizabeth Beatty, Greg Hatfield, Julie Jordan, Ray Lebowski, Patricia Mullins, and Richard Zenk.

Cincinnati’s amazing theatrical talent and delicious local beer!  What a combination!


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