Cast Announced for NICE GIRL at Dayton Theatre Guild

DTGDayton Theatre Guild is pleased to announce the cast of NICE GIRL by Melissa Ross

  • Carly Risenhoover-Peterson as Josephine (Jo)
  • Cassandra Engber as Francine
  • Heather Atkinson as Sherry
  • Scott Knisley as Donny


In suburban Massachusetts in the mid ‘80s, thirty-seven-year-old Josephine Rosen has a dead-end job as a secretary and still lives at home with her hypochondriac mother. She started college but never finished, and has settled into a life that doesn’t offer much hope for the future. But when a new friendship at work and a chance flirtation with an old classmate give her hope for the possibility of change, she dusts off the Jane Fonda tapes and begins to take tentative steps towards a new life. This is a play about the tragedy and joy of figuring out who you are and letting go of who you were supposed to be.

Directed by Debra Kent Produced by K.L.Storer

The show runs weekends Apr 19-May 5, 2019

For more information visit


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