Casting Call for SAVE A SOUL, SAVE THE WORLD and GRANDMA ROZI at Kivie Productions

MISC_Casting call2Kivie Productions is proud to announce auditions for A Double Feature at the Aronoff Center, Fifth-Third Bank Theater.

Show Dates: August 20, 21 and 22, 2019 – Additional dates are possible.

If interested to audition, please call the Playwright, Kalman Kivkovich – 513.861.0004.

Please provide an acting resume and a recent photograph, attached to the email – only experienced need apply.

All selected actors will be paid a stipend.

Rehearsals will be scheduled in late July and early August.

The two plays are:

SAVE A SOUL, SAVE THE WORLD by Kalman Kivkovich
A new one-act play
Drama – Fiction
Running Time: 45 Minutes

An Orthodox Jewish Israeli teenager with his strong determination to save another young life earns himself a new beginning.


  • Tel-Aviv, Israel (1965)
  • Shrodula – A Jewish Ghetto in Nazi-occupied Sosnowiec, Poland (1943)


  • MOTI – A young Hassid in Tel Aviv; a Yeshiva student.  Age 18 – born in a DP –
  • MOSHE – MOTI’s father. A widower, an Orthodox Jewish tailor, Holocaust survivor;   lives in Tel-Aviv. Born in Poland. Age 57
  • YOSSEF  – Secular Israeli, a security guard, Holocaust survivor; lives in Tel-Aviv. Born in Poland. Age 55.
  • MOISHE – An Orthodox Jewish tailor, a widower;   lives in the Jewish Ghetto. Born in Poland. Age 35
  • MOTTEL – MOISHE’s young son. Lives with his father in the Jewish Ghetto. Age 4.
  • TADEK  – A Jewish Policeman – serves the Nazis in the Jewish Ghetto. Age 33.
  • GESTAPO MAN – A uniformed Nazi man. Fit. Age 30. 

GRANDMA ROZI by Kalman Kivkovich
A new one-act play
Comedy – Fiction
Running Time: 25 Minutes

Loosely based on a short story by an Israeli writer, Ran Appleberg. An eccentric Israeli grandma makes a difference in her grandson’s life.

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel (Present)


  • RAMI – An Israeli man, a graphic designer, lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Handsome, fit, dressed casual. Age 30.
  • ROZI – RAMI’s Grandmother. A retired scientist – acts a little ‘wacky’ since her husband’s tragic death.  Lives near Tel-Aviv, dressed nicely, but eccentric. She is 80, but looks less than her age and is full of energy.
  • NAOMI – RAMI’s wife, a school teacher, attractive, fit, dressed dressy casual. Age 25.

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