Auditions Announced for KID SIMPLE at Miami University Regionals Theatre

MURT_Kid Simple logoAUDITIONS:

  • Feb 12 and 13 from 6:30-10pm
  • Callbacks Feb 14, time TBA

Phelps Hall 307 (Studio 307)
Miami University Hamilton Campus

Sign up for a time here:

Directed by Dr. Christiana Molldrem Harkulich

Moll, a girl who invents things, wins the science fair with a machine for hearing sounds that can’t be heard. But when a shapeshifting Mercenary steals the invention (and her heart), she must embark on a quest to save noise as we know it. Accompanied by the last boy-virgin in the eleventh grade, Moll crosses chasms and rafts rivers into a world where sound is always more than what meets the ear. A quirky fable of innocence and experience, featuring live sound effects, mutinous onomatopoeia, and a host of woodsy temptations.


  • Moll- a girl who invents things. A fiery and independent young woman who does not take disappointment sitting down.
  • Narrator-  a mellifluous voice
  • Mother/Mrs. Kendrick/Various– A versatile motherly type, also one half of an evil supernatural duo
  • Oliver- a boy virgin in the 11th grade. A young man still coming into his own.
  • Father/Mr. Watchel/Various- A versatile fatherly type. Also the other ½ of an evil supernatural duo
  • The Mercenary- A nefarious and otherworldly shape shifter, seductive and generally up to no good.
  • A Foley Artist- A Sound maker. Someone who would like to learn about Foley sound or already knows.

Note: There may be an ensemble in this production that may split some of the additional roles.


  • Please bring a comedic monologue, if you do not have a monologue there will be sides available at the audition.
  • Miami University Regionals Theatre is open for participation to the entire community. Act, build, design, crew–create with us!

Performance Dates:

April 11th– April 14th
Phelps Hall 307 (Studio 307)- Hamilton Campus
Miami University, Hamilton Campus

Rehearsal Dates:
Feb 25th– April 10th
(4 days a week, TBD)


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