FOOLS Runs Oct. 4-14

CU_Fools logoFOOLS
Cedarville University
Oct. 4-14
DeVries Theatre [Cedarville]

FOOLS, by Neil Simon, is the comic tale of Leon, an enthusiastic young schoolteacher who seeks to cure the Ukrainian village of Kulyenchikov from the curse of chronic stupidity from which they have been suffering for 200 years. Taking place “a long time ago,” the story becomes complicated when Leon meets the lovely Sophia, so stupid that she only learned to sit down a week ago. She presents quite the challenge for Leon’s goal of freeing the town from stupidity, but he is motivated by her charm. Her longtime suitor, Count Gregor, whose ancestors placed the curse on the town in the first place, is a rival for Sophia’s attentions. No one has told Leon that if he fails to cure the town of stupidity in 24 hours, the curse will make him stupid as well. Join us for a story that makes us laugh at the foolishness of others, and as we begin to think of our own foolishness, we are reminded to not take ourselves so seriously!

  • Thu, Oct. 4 at 8pm
  • Fri-Sat, Oct. 5-6 at 2pm & 8pm
  • Thu, Oct. 11 at 10am
  • Fri, Oct. 12 at 8pm
  • Sat, Oct. 13 at 2pm & 8pm
  • Sun, Oct. 14 at 3pm 

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