Auditions Announced for THREE BAGS FULL at Mariemont Players

MPI_logoMariemont Players and director Becky Mullins announce auditions for Three Bags Full by Jerome Chodorov.

Audition Dates/Times:

  • 1 PM Sunday, August 12th
  • 7 PM Monday, August 13th

Location: 4101 Walton Creek Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227

Performance Dates: January 11th-27th, 2018

A bright French farce about a greedy merchant who finds himself snookered into being a matchmaker for two daughters, one the child of his wife and the other the maid’s offspring. Rebellious young ladies, a comely new maid, pregnant ladies and mistaken identities lead to explosive hilarity. A larcenous employee who has embezzled half a million dollars even offers to return it for a managerial position and the daughter’s hand. Half of the loot is in diamonds and half in cash the stashes in separate but identical bags. A third identical bag contains the maid’s skivvies.

Characters (acting ages vary)

  • Bascom Barlow (>35) – Greedy sports goods business owner, father, husband, center of the action.
  • Richard Foyle (<35) – Scheming employee of Bascom, in love with Bascom’s daughter.
  • Boris (<35) – The Barlow’s chauffer, and the true love of Bascom’s daughter.
  • Mr. Cottingham (>35) – Wealthy bank merchant and friend of Bascom.
  • Preston Cottingham (<35) – Lazy son of Mr Cottingham. In love with the Barlow’s maid.
  • Jenkins (age various) – Butler for the Barlow household
  • Genevieve Barlow (>35) – Mrs. Barlow, competent, socialite, artistic.
  • Angela Barlow (<35) – Bascom’s headstrong & rebellious daughter.
  • Charlotte (>35) – Mysterious new maid.
  • Jeanette (<35) – Young love of Richard.
  • Kathleen (age various) – Irish, previous maid for the Barlow household, in love with Preston Cottingham.

Rehearsals will begin in November.

Please bring a resume and head shot. For more information or to review a copy if the script, please contact director Becky Mullins at


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