CFF18_Gospel of Barrabbas promo1THE GOSPEL OF BARABBAS
Part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival ’18
MEMO Studio

Directed by Mike Sherman
Produced by Joshua Steele

Cast: Kaleb King as Jesus of Nazareth, Rory Sheridan as Barabbas, Maggie Lou Rader* as Trudy of Nazareth/Ensemble, Rodger Pille as John The Baptist/Pontius Pilate/Ensemble, Mike Dennis as Manuel/Ensemble, Lormarev Jones as Mary/Peter/Ensemble,Randy Lee Bailey as Guard/Ensemble, Lisa DeRoberts as Elisabeth/Judas/Ensemble, Kendall Young as Lydia/Ensemble & Mike Moskowitz as Voiceover

Who smokes a lot of weed, drives a Chevy Astro and was pardoned by the Jews instead of Jesus? It’s Barabbas! The Big Lebowski meets ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD in an absurd adventure through biblical Israel, alongside Trudy of Nazareth, and their buddy Manuel, the satanically-possessed pig. Warning: offensive for all audiences.

  • Wed, May 30 at 9pm
  • Fri, June 1 at 7pm
  • Tue, June 5 at 7:45pm
  • Thu, June 7 at 9pm
  • Fri, June 8 at 8:30pm

Official page | Press release | Facebook page | Facebook event | Official website

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