Auditions Announced for MORE FUN THAN BOWLING at Mariemont Players

MPI_logoMariemont Players and director Laura Berkemeier announce auditions for MORE FUN THAN BOWLING by Steven Dietz.

Audition Dates/Times:

  • 7 PM Monday, May 21st
  • 7 PM Tuesday, May 22nd

Location: 4101 Walton Creek Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227

Performance Dates: November 2-18, 2018

Jake owns the bowling alley in a small Midwestern town. He is sitting on a hilltop where two of his three wives are buried. Lois was zapped by lightning while carrying a bowling trophy in a thunderstorm and Loretta was killed by a ball return machine. In his younger days, he was a promising concert musician but a foul tip baseball broke his fingers which subsequently healed into a perfect bowler’s grip. Jake replays the key frames of his life and is visited by his daughter Molly who has become adept at talking women into marrying her father for love and free lane time. But who is that nattily dressed man with dark glasses and a revolver lurking nearby?

Characters – 2 M, 3 W

  • Jake Tomlinson (35-50, dependent on Molly’s age), a widower and father with a passion for bowling . . . and really bad luck. Owner of the Dust Bowl, Bowling Alley and father to Molly.
  • Molly (mid to late teens), Jake’s daughter by his first wife. Maybe a red-head but not definitive.
  • Lois (30-40, mostly dependent on age of Jake), Jake’s second wife and Molly’s stepmother.
  • Loretta (30-40, mostly dependent on age of Molly, believably 10 years her senior), Lois’ best friend and Jake’s third wife. Also, Molly’s stepmother.
  • Mr. Dyson (20+ but really any age), a mysterious character with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.  The more personality, the better.

All roles are available.

Auditions will consist of cold readings of the script. For more information, contact the director, Laura Berkemeier at


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