The Passing of Sheila Mudd Baker

MISC_Sheila Mudd BakerFrom Julie Jordan:

I have just learned that Sheila Mudd Baker has passed. Sheila was a friend that was most encouraging to me when I decided to leave my present field of work. In the earlier stages of her disease, we met for dinner several times. She told me that she had wished her voice was the last thing to be affected, not the first. She had so much to say and do, and she was the most courageous and strong woman I knew. She was extremely intelligent and continued to fully support the theater and independent film industries throughout this terrible ordeal she had to endure. Her “grateful” postings taught many of us how to live, and she never stopped caring about others. When I saw her last week, she asked about my kids and asked Trisha Courtney and me how WE were, never once telling us about her struggles, although they were many. I don’t want to say Rest in Peace, because I believe Sheila will shake things up in heaven, and she will have her voice and the freedom of movement once again. I will miss you Sheila and the positive influence you have had on my life.


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