2017 New Works Festival Runs Aug. 3-12

2017 New Works Festival 
Cincinnati Lab Theatre
Aug. 3-12
Clifton Performance Theatre

3SOME by Brian Griffin [Fully staged]
Directed by Lauren Carr
Cast: Brian Berendts, Mary Tensing & Craig Branch

When Thomas, Claire, and Lonnie arrange a Craigslist “meet up” none of them quite expect the evening that follows. Secrets become exposed, boundaries are pushed, and expectations end up in pieces. Brian Griffin’s titillating and intense new play explores the raw landscape of human psychology while delving into the world of casual hook-ups, and the overwhelming need for those on the brink to make a connection.

LED THESPIAN by Jason Podplesky, Lyrics and Music by Jason Podplesky, Eric Kilpatrick & Aaron Almashy [Fully staged]
Directed by Jason Podplesky
Musical Direction by Aaron Almashy
Cast: Elizabeth a. Harris, Torie Pate Perdue, Eric Kilpatrick & Joshua Wank

Part play and part mini-concert LED THESPIAN is a new dark comedy that explores love, loss, and the power of music. Set in a bar, it tells the story of Josh, a high school band teacher, who after suddenly losing his job decides to chase his dream of being a rock musician only to find himself entangled in a web of lies, murder, and sexual depravity. Will Josh finally get to touch his musical dream or will he fall perilously short? Watch as this play takes unexpected twists and turns en route to its surprising and non-politically correct resolution. Led Thespian will keep you laughing and guessing until the very end!

NORTH COUNTRY HOLIDAY by Phil Paradis [Staged Reading]
A young married couple leaves the city and moves to a remote Vermont farmhouse where they spend their first holiday season snowbound. When an old friend visits to talk about art and poetry, what could possibly go wrong to spoil their idyllic north country holiday?

PARIS IS VERNON by Robert Macke [Staged Reading]
Vernon, a widower, discovers that his estranged son is on a reality show… for drag queens. Michelle, a field producer, interviews Vernon and gives him a chance to reconnect with his son. PARIS IS VERNON explores the importance of family and what it takes to mend a damaged relationship.

For more information on the 2017 New Works Festival, click here.

  • Thu, Aug. 3 at 7pm WHY WE LAUGH Pre-show discussion
  • Thu, Aug. 3 at 8pm LED THESPIAN
  • Fri, Aug. 4 at 8pm 3SOME
  • Sat, Aug. 5 at 5pm NORTH COUNTRY HOLIDAY
  • Sat, Aug. 5 at 8pm LED THESPIAN
  • Thu, Aug. 10 at 7pm LOSS AND GRIEVING Pre-show discussion
  • Thu, Aug. 10 at 8pm 3SOME
  • Fri, Aug. 11 at 8pm LED THESPIAN
  • Sat, Aug. 12 at 5pm PARIS IS VERNON
  • Sat, Aug. 12 at 8pm 3SOME

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