Auditions Announced for THE PILLOWMAN at Falcon Theatre

FT_logoFalcon Theatre invites all actors to open auditions for THE PILLOWMAN by Martin McDonagh

Audition Details:

  • Dates: August 8 & 9, 2017
  • Time: 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Location: Falcon Theatre, 636 Monmouth St., Newport
  • Preparation: Be prepared to cold read from the script.  Sides will be provided at auditions.  Bring a headshot and resume if available.
  • No appointments necessary
  • Questions: Contact the director, Ed Cohen, at or Falcon Theatre at 513-479-6783
  • Production Dates:  January 26-Feb 10, 2018


  • KATURIAN: 25-45 –  A writer of gruesome short stories often involving children. His disturbed imagination was the result of having heard his brother being abused when they were younger. Consequently, he killed his parents and looked after his brother. He is shocked by his arrest.
  • MICHAL: 25-45 –  Katurian’s brother, who is “slow to get things” following his years of abuse at the hands of his parents. He is also taken into jail along with Katurian.
  • TUPOLSKI: 40-60 – The lead detective and the “good cop” in the interrogation. Cold and uncaring, he sees himself as detached from the people he aims to save, shocking his younger partner Ariel.
  • ARIEL: 40-60 –  A brutal and violent detective who has a vendetta against anyone who commits crimes against children because of abuse in his own past. He ends up being more sympathetic towards Katurian and his stories than Tupolski.

Other non-speaking roles in THE PILLOWMAN will be cast at a date to be announced.


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