CFF17: My Fringe Schedule: Day 1

Day One of performances of the 2016 Cincinnati Fringe Festival kicks off tonight.

I taking the three show track for my first evening.

CFF_My Darling DilophosaurusUp first is MY DARLING DILOPHOSAURUS from Autumn Kaleidoscope, who last year brought “Furlesque” to the Cincy Fringe stage:


Amateur paleontologist, Artemis “Artie” Lattimer, is obsessed with dinosaurs. Her fiancée would like her to pay more attention to something that hasn’t been extinct for 115 million years. After some progress, Artie’s life gets unexpectedly turned upside down when she becomes the parent of a baby dilophosaurus. To win back her fiancée and show that she can be responsible, Artie comes up with the only plan to save the relationship: Win the State Pet Competition!


CFF_The Disappearance logoThe second performance of the evening is THE DISAPPEARANCE OF NICOLE JACOBS, PART 1: THE SISTER by Queen City Flash’s husband and wife team of Bridget Leak & Trey Tatum. The cast includes Miranda McGee, Henry Eden & Cassie Delicath.

Everything in Crystal’s life has stalled since her sister, Nicole, disappeared in the woods behind their house. Since then, her family’s focus has been on running the Volunteer Center in charge of the search for Nicole. Now, months later, on the day the Volunteer Center closes, Crystal’s life is changing again as she searches for meaning in a life post-Nicole.

Previous original fringe productions include: THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (2016), SHELTER with Pones, Inc. (2015) and SLUT SHAMING (2014).

CFF_Larry 132Rounding out my first night is LARRY 13:2 from the newly formed Muwhahaha Productions.

On a stormy night, a man who isn’t a doctor, waits in a hotel room that isn’t very nice, for a girl who isn’t what she seems. Her request may threaten his understanding of choice and alter his world for better or worse. By turns playful and blasphemous, the conversation builds to a decision that hinges on belief in oneself and humanity’s ability to change. Larry, chapter 13, verse 2: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers…”

LARRY 13:2 is written by Tracy Hoida and directed by Rebecca Bromels. The two-person cast is comprised of Katie Mitchell & Rory Sheridan. Fans of Know Theatre’s SERIALS may remember Hoida’s entry of “Archie and the Ashes.”

I hope you have a chance to make it down to Over-the-Rhine and catch a show or ten. Feel free to say hello. Happy Fringing.

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