DAMN YANKEES Runs April 26-30

GHCT_Damn Yankees logoDAMN YANKEES
Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre
April 26-30
Miami University Hamilton Parrish Auditorium

Directed by Rodney Neal
Produced by Kevin Brunck and Carrie Rusche

Cast: John Ginter as Joe Boyd, Joan Crawford Angst as Meg Boyd, Matt Neal as Joe Hardy, Scott Christian as Mr. Applegate, Hannah Brown as Lola, Bill Balfour as Van Buren, Anna Schindler as Gloria Thorpe, Angie Neal as Sister & Marijo Farley as Doris
Ball Players: Anthony Miles as Sohovik, David Eschenbrenner as Smokey, Sam Downs as Rocky, Alex Cottle as Vernon, Nick Brown as Henry, Sam Horton as Mickey, Dylan Turner as Linville & Clayton Eschenbrenner as Bouley
Wives: Veronica Turner , Olivia Jones, Sam Murray, Davi Hutchins, Olivia Pannek, Lacey Parsons, Teresa Leanne Nichols, Angie Neal & Marijo Farley
Husbands: James Karr, Gary Bracknell, Dan Schindler, Nick Brown, Bob Dronberger, Alex Cottle, David Eschenbrenner, Sam Downs & Anthony Miles
Bob Dronberger as Commissioner, Olivia Jones as Lynch, Gary Bracknell as Mr. Welch, Olivia Pannek as Miss Weston, Dan Schindler as Postmaster, James Karr as Guard/Mark & Mike Massie as Radio Announcer
Kids Chorus: Maykala Platt, Evie Sias, Skylar Carlyle, Hannah Neal, Lexie Senger, Jaidin Polly, Angela Rusche, Gabe Neal, Mason Thomas, Kaiden Thomas, Cara Schulker, Elise Mette, Mia Biondo & JaLeah Brackney
Dancers: Hannah Rose, Kenzie Carlyle, Baylee Rose, Grace Connaughton, Samantha Murray, Olivia Pannek & Taylor Senger
Fan Ensemble: Grace Comer, Kevin Rife, Lindsey Whitley & Nykayla Stephens

  • Wed-Sat, April 26-29 at 8pm
  • Sun, April 30 at 2pm

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