Auditions Announced for WAKE THE DEAD at Milford Theatre Guilde


Written by Eileen Moushey
Directed by Terri Wilson
Produced by Linda Roll
In collaboration with BITE Restaurant: From Farm to Table

The family of the poor, darlin’, dearly, departed Patrick Joseph Patrick gathers to mourn him.  But, like most Irish wakes, this one winds up in a real “donnybrook.”   When one of them “joins” Patrick during the wake, the investigation begins!  Please note there are references to adultery, gay relationships, birth control, and naughty bits. Practice your improv skills and brush up on your Irish accents. Join this cheeky production and become part of the fun!

Sunday, 11/13/16 at 7:00pm
Monday, 11/14/16 at 7:00pm
Day Heights Fireman’s Memorial Building – Map
* Will be reading from script. May involve some improv exercises.

PERFORMANCES:  There will be 5 performances, including a Sunday matinee.
February 10, 11 & 12, 2017 and February 17 & 18, 2017.

CAST INFO:  [4 Males, 3 Females, 1 can be cast either way]

  • BRIDGET ROSE PATRICK (F) – The matriarch of the Irish Patricks. Sixties, or able to “play” it. “Biddy” is exactly that – only another “b” word will no doubt come to mind.
  • SEAMUS RIORDAN PATRICK (M) – The eldest of the Patrick boys, and a bit of a rogue. Forties. A smuggler by trade, Seamus also likes to “tip a little”.
  • DANIEL MICHAEL PATRICK (M) – “Danny boy” is an overgrown kid – mentally and emotionally. Twin to DONALD.  Revered by thousands as a musician and singer, Danny’s number one fan remains his mother. His public image as the romantic troubadour is the direct opposite of his real nature. Thirties.  Same actor may play both Daniel and Donald. Can you play an instrument?
  • MAUREEN ROSE PATRICK (F) – Danny’s long-suffering wife and sometime singing partner. A stereo-typical Irish spitfire, Maureen realized almost immediately what a big mistake she’d made in marrying Daniel. Twenties or thirties.
  • DONALD FRANCIS PATRICK (M) – Danny’s identical twin and alter ego. Where Danny is slow and cruel, Donald is smart and shy. His one act of rebellion was to marry Maggie – an “American” he met when she vacationed in Ireland.  Same actor may play both Donald & Daniel.
  • MAGGIE PATRICK (F) – Donald’s American wife and incurable flirt. Maggie appears to take nothing seriously – including her marriage. Twenties
  • MARTIN THOMAS PATRICK (M) – The “baby”, Martin has just been accepted in the seminary as a result of Biddy’s lobbying. Martin is in his late teens / twenties
  • SCOTT WYSZINSKI (M) – The Security Guard. Any age. A regular guy.
  • HOST/HOSTESS (M/F)- the American cousin the Patricks have come to visit.
  • PATRICK PATRICK (M)- Paddy is the reason for the wake – the deceased.  We may use an actor in publicity and décor.  Paddy is a sweet old guy. He is not included in the “cast count”.

Any questions, please feel free to contact the director at


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