Performers Needed for Project at Heritage Village Museum

misc_heritage-village-museum-logoHeritage Village Museum has a “walking theater” type of project coming up in partnership with the GreatParks. When folks buy a theater ticket, instead of sitting in one room to watch a show, they walk (in groups) through the village (in the dark) and meet up with various (and possibly shady) characters from history.

We’ve lost a couple of folks, and are trying to fill a couple of roles at the last minute. They involve more improvisation than memorization–with a base of historic facts. Each actor will perform his or her interactive monologue/improv for about 15 minutes about six times each evening on November 4 & 5.

The actors would have to be volunteers; the event is a fundraiser for GreatParks and Heritage Village.

Performance Dates: Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5, 2016
Performance Times: first performance each evening at 7 p.m.; several groups
each night (arrive at 6 p.m.)

Rehearsals: . Private character rehearsals-as needed, to fit your schedule .
Thursday, October 20 (4 p.m.): Character-only full run-through (no guides) .
Tuesday, November 1 (4 p.m.): Dress Rehearsal (Guides included)

These are the roles we need:

  • Night Soil Man: (male, age 18 & up) The collection of “night soil” from the privies of the homes of Cincinnati was only allowed at night. The human waste was often covered in dirt thereby giving its name. It’s not a glamorous job, but a necessary one. The “night soil” man would wander the streets after dark, making his rounds. This character will not have a designated stop for the visitors, but will wander the village and interact with groups.
  • Phrenologist: (male, age 18 & up) Phrenology, the pseudo-science of reading of the  bumps and measurements of the head, came into vogue around 1810 and peaked and was rejected by 1843. What does your head say about you? Phrenologists sometimes traveled from town to town to bring their “expertise” to different locations. Props can include a skull an assistant brings you to test your skills on-which you accurately determine the be a low sort of violent and disloyal fellow. (“Amazing-that’s the skull of a man who was hung for murdering his employer!”) Come ready to sound like an expert and read the character of your audience.
  • Red Haired Nance: (Female, age 18 & up. Historically described as “tall and statuesque”) The disastrous defeat of St. Clair and his army in present day Fort Recovery remains the single worst defeat of the American Army by Indians. Many “camp followers” were among the victims of this battle that had over an 88% casualty rate among soldiers. Legend has it one of the “camp followers” to escape the general carnage was a red-head known as “Nance.” She supposedly grew weary of carry her infant child on the terrifying retreat from the site of battle and left her child in a snow bank. Indians found the child and allegedly adopted it into their tribe. Nance made it to Fort Jefferson and then back to Fort Washington and Cincinnati. She lived a long life and would tell anyone who would listen of her tale of survival. Spin a harrowing tale of Indians, battles and survival for your audience-and vehemently defend your decision to leave your baby behind; can you get your audience to forgive you?

If you are interested, please contact Dana Gagnon at


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