Auditions Announced for THE UNAVOIDABLE DISAPPEARANCE OF TOM DURNIN at Dayton Theatre Guild

DTGProduction Dates: November 18 – December 4, 2016
Director: Marjorie Strader
Producer: Barb Jorgensen
Assistant Director: K.L. Storer
Stage Manager: Melanie Brenner

Audition Dates: Monday October 10 and Tuesday October 11 at 7 PM

For further information contact: Marjorie Strader (

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script
A resume and headshot are not required but are encouraged
Please bring ALL scheduling conflicts between October 12 and December 4, 2016

Character Descriptions:

  • Tom Durnin (mid-late 50s)
  • James Durnin, his son (mid-late 20s)
  • Chris Wyatt, his son-in-law (mid 30s)
  • Katie Nicholson, creative writing classmate and emerging romantic interest of James (mid-late 20s)
  • Karen Brown-Canedy, Tom’s ex-wife, James’ mother (50s)

Tom Durnin is a disbarred lawyer who has spent the last five years in prison for a fraudulent investment scheme. He returns to his family, envisioning a happy reunion and catching up on lost time. What he finds instead is a son (James) who is struggling with a job he hates, a marriage that has failed, and resentment towards his father for much of it. While James reluctantly allows Tom to camp out on his couch, the rest of the family is even less thrilled about Tom’s return. His now ex-wife Karen has moved on to another marriage, unbeknownst to Tom, and his daughter will not allow him to see his grandchildren, though her husband Chris, who owes his job to his father-in-law, is caught between competing loyalties. The family, still hurting, has managed to move on, but Tom’s return to them in hopes of reclaiming a happier past dredges up even more pain.

In a 2015 interview about his work as a whole, Levenson notes: “I do find the dynamics in the family to be fascinating and endlessly variable. Family is, obviously, among the most universal experiences. We all come from some kind of family, for better or worse, healthy or not. Family has always been very important to me and has always been something that is such a rich part of our experience. I guess people living together is always a fraught enterprise, filled with so much beauty, so much joy and so much sorrow.”


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