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MaryKate Moran as Nan, Carter Bratton as Pip & Adam Jones as Walker.

MaryKate Moran as Nan, Carter Bratton as Pip & Adam Jones as Walker.

THREE DAYS OF RAIN presented by Untethered Theater through May 23. Click here for more information on the production. I attended the opening night performance.

Newcomer Adam Jones does well as neurotic Walker in the first act. There were times when I felt his performance slipped into a gay stereotype, and perhaps a bit more could have been done to communicate his attraction to Pip. Carter Bratton turns in a strong performance as don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff, handsome actor Pip. I felt his character had a true affection for the siblings. As Walker’s sister Nan, MaryKate Moran gives a solid performance but there were times where I was unclear about her emotional connection to her brother and to Pip.

Carter Bratton as Theo & MaryKate Moran as Lina.

Carter Bratton as Theo & MaryKate Moran as Lina.

Perhaps the second act would have worked better for me if more emphasis had been given to some of the important plot points in both acts. A dramatic pause or a shift in tone or emotion may have given these moments a bit more weight. The second act could have used a bit more energy as Ned (Jones) and Nina’s (Moran) long scene seemed very conversational. I didn’t get a hint of Lina’s mental instability and the total disappearance of Ned’s stutter seemed incongruous. Much of Theo’s (Bratton) anxiety seemed to be a bit too internalized. Maybe a moment or two of it escaping in front of the others would have given a better sense of his emotional turmoil.

Designing a set in the intimate space is always a challenge. I like the concept of the set (designed by Buz Davis), but I felt the main playing area needed to be a bit bigger.There was a sense of confinement that worked against the staging.

Overall an interesting but uneven production, with fun and well-written dialogue, that needed to be a bit bigger in emotion and could have used more room to breathe.

My rating: 3.75 out of 5

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