VIDEO: SERIALS 2: THUNDERDOME – Episode 3 Smackdown!

KTC_Series2Chris Wesselman and John Bromels have some words for the reigning Thunderdome champions.

Those champions of the first two weeks have been:

  • ANDY’S HOUSE OF [BLANK] by Paul Strickland and Trey Tatum
  • CINDERBLOCK by Ben Dudley

SERIALS is Know Theatre’s Monday Night program of new plays by local writers, told in fortnightly installments over the course of 10 weeks.

How does it work? 15 minute episodes, every two weeks, a total of 5 installments. In each installment, we’ll present 5 shows. At the end of the evening, the audience will vote on which 3 plays get to continue for another episode.

Can THE NEXT 15 MINUTES or SO IN TENTS take one or two of the reigning three down?

Click play to start the smack down…

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