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Jodi Zerbe, Chris Payne & Mitch Ruth. Standing Jocelynne Jason & Melissa Keller.

Jodi Zerbe, Chris Payne & Mitch Ruth. Standing Jocelynne Jason & Melissa Keller.

THE FACULTY LOUNGE presented by Teri Foltz through Oct. 11. Click here for more information on the production.

The last time I was at a play with that many [ex-]teachers, it was CALCULUS THE MUSICAL. 🙂

The play itself is divided into 37 titled vignettes, such as “Inservice days, ” “Summer” and “Emergency.” Scenes run the gamut of emotions as the teachers are confronted with the absurdities and harsh realities of their field. The script is fun, nicely-written and has a good sense of humor.

MISC_The Faculty LoungeThe set design and art by Kathy Bohman is smart, visually interesting, and extremely well-executed. Chalk boards of various sizes hang from the ceiling and stand on the floor, and are decorated with hand-drawn, school-appropriate images in colored chalk. Very nicely done.

The Teaching Staff and Student Body ensembles all do solid work. Since the stage is not mic-ed, be sure to keep your volume up, especially when you are upstage. More energy and vocal variety would help solidify some of the characters. Also, be sure you are moving with purpose in your blocking. There were several times where the crosses or counter-crosses seemed more directed than natural.

Director Danny Davies creates some really nice stage pictures and moments in the show. The blocking is a bit stage-right heavy, but understandable so.

As presented, the decision to have the actors clear the stage after a scene, introduce the new vignette with audio or music, and then have the actors return to the stage for the new scene, for me, gives the production a herky–jerky quality and adds about ten minutes to the performance time.

THE FACULTY LOUNGE is entertaining and offers some insight into a profession that is too-often under-appreciated. Judging from the opening night’s nearly sold-out audience, the vignettes ring true and give voice to teacher’s triumphs and frustrations.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

I would enjoy hearing what you think about the show or my review. All I ask is that you express your opinion without attacking someone else’s opinion. You can post your comments below.


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2 responses to “THE FACULTY LOUNGE Review

  1. Anne Wrider

    Very helpful review. One note: “gambit” means a maneuver used to gain an advantage. “Gamut” means the entire range or scale. Damn autocorrect I’m sure!


  2. Thanks for catching the typo Anne. Given the number of Engliesh teachers I knew would read this, I expected some corrections. 🙂


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