SBP Announces Auditions for THE ADDAMS FAMILY


Sunday, December 7th, 2:00-5:00pm
Monday, December 8th, 7:00-10:00pm
Callbacks Wednesday, December 10th @ 7:00pm

Appointments are recommended and can be made by contacting Bunny Arszman at or 513-325-7842. Walk-ups will also be accepted for the first available time slot.

Oakley Community Center
3882 Paxton Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
(Located in Hyde Park Plaza – back in the far corner to the left of Rempke market by the ball fields. Your GPS will take you to the wrong place)

May 29 – June 7th, 2015
at the Carnegie in Covington, Ky.
Rehearsals will begin in mid-March.

Bring sheet music in the correct key for 2 contrasting song styles – approximately 16 -32 bars. Accompanist will be provided. Bring proper dance shoes (if you have them) for a dance audition that will include a tango.

Morticia and Gomez Addams want to continue living amongst death, pain and suffering, the way they always have. But then there is a change in plans. Their eldest child, Wednesday, has fallen in love with a strange boy, Lucas Beineke. To the Addams, strange is normal. Happy is Sad. The Addams believe life revolves around death. To Morticia and Gomez’s own complexity, they invite Wednesday’s new boyfriend’s family to their home. Many strange things happen the night that the Beinekes come to visit.


  • Gomez (Male, Baritone, 45-55, lead) – A passionate Latin lover who is still madly in love with his wife, Morticia, after many years of marriage. He has Spanish blood and speaks with an accent. He is torn between never keeping a secret from his wife and honoring his word to his daughter to keep her engagement under wraps.
  • Morticia (Female, Alto, 35-45, lead) – A fairly tall, fairly thin woman with a pasty white complexion (or could be with make-up). She is the true leader of the household. She is mysterious which is how she controls Gomez. She has an even disposition, muted and witty.
  • Wednesday (Female, Soprano, early 20’s, lead) – The daughter. Very much like her mother. She has a mature personality, with a deadpan wit and a morbid fascination in trying to do physical harm to her brother and others.
  • Lucas (Male, Baritone, 20’s) – Wednesday’s boyfriend. A somewhat strange boy who would probably fit right in with the Addams.
  • Uncle Fester (Male, Tenor, 30’s-50’s) – Gomez’s brother. Barrel-shaped and “bald”. Very white skin and sunken dark eyes (with make-up). Very outgoing personality, with a devilish grin.
  • Pugsley (Male, Tenor, 8-14) – Wednesday’s little brother. Upset because he is going to lose his big sister when she gets married.
  • Alice (Female, Soprano, 40’s-50’s) – Lucas’s mother. A woman with many hidden passions. She loves to rhyme and longs for her husband to be the way he was.
  • Mal (Male, Tenor, 40’s-50’s) – Lucas’s father. A successful straight-laced Ohio business man who has forgotten how to have fun.
  • Grandma (Female, Belt, 50’s-60’s) – Short, thin woman who is a witch that deals with lots of potions, hexes and spells.
  • Lurch (Male, Bass-Baritone, 20’s-30’s) – Tall, thin man who speaks in unintelligible groaning. The butler.
  • The Ancestors – 3-5 Men & Women of various ages who portray ghosts on the Addams estate. They play an essential part in this musical and appear throughout. Must be able to sing, dance and act.

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