THE BACCHAE Runs Sept. 25-Oct. 5

Sarah Alice Shull as Agave & Matt Krieg as Dionysus. Photo by Tyler Gabbard.

Sarah Alice Shull as Agave & Matt Krieg as Dionysus. Photo by Tyler Gabbard.

Presented by Northern Kentucky University
Sept. 25-Oct. 5
Highland Heights

Directed by Sandra Foreman

Cast: Matt Kreig as Dionysus, also called Bacchus, Kyle Taylor as Teiresias, Connor Molton as Cadmus, Hunter Henrickson as Pentheu, Nate Doninger & Cody Oppel as Attendants to Pentheus, Garth Whitaker & Clayton Winstead as Messengers/Herdsmen, Sarah Alice Shull as Agave & Gabrielle Francis as Coryphaeus
The Bacchae: Erin Ballard, Keana Bartolome, Tealia Brown, Lauren Crawford, Anna Rose DLG, Leiren Jackson, Angela Kaesheimer, Angel Kerns, Britt Mahan, Madison Pullins & Christina Tully

After several decades, the god Dionysus returns to his birthplace in Thebes in order to clear his mother’s name and reclaim his godly status.  During Dionysus’ absence the kingdom is ruled by the misguided Pentheus who asserts reason and humanism over a belief in the gods.  It was Pentheus’ decision to not allow the worship of the beloved Dionysus in Thebes creating civil unrest.  Dionysus tries to persuade Pentheus to abandon his destructive path, but Pentheus does not relent ultimately forcing Dionysus to wield his power to protect his sacred homeland.

  • Thu-Sat, Sept. 25-27 at 8pm
  • Sun, Sept. 28 at 3pm
  • Wed-Sat, Oct. 1-4 at 8pm
  • Sun, Oct. 5 at 3pm

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