TDW_VERTThe Drama Workshop is very proud to announce the cast of our production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. The competition was very tough, and we easily could have cast the show two or three times with the all the outstanding actors that showed up to auditions over the last two weeks. We thank everybody who came to the Playhouse for sharing their time and talents with us.

  • Chief Bromden: Ron Samad
  • Harding: Bill Keeton
  • Billy: Geoffrey Hill
  • Scanlon: Jim Waldfogle
  • Cheswick: Chris Bishop
  • Martini: Ray Lebowski
  • Ruckley: Kent Smith
  • McMurphy: Steffen Whorton
  • Warren: Doug Tumeo
  • Williams: Scott Unes
  • Turkle: Lee Behymer
  • Spivey: Clint Bramkamp
  • Rached: Gretchen Gantner
  • Flinn: Jody Hart
  • Candy: Julia Hedges
  • Sandy: Amy Mirlisena

The show will be directed by Joe Penno, and stage managed by Tobie Braverman. It will run from November 7 through November 23. 

We still need to fill some technical positions for this production. If you’re interested, please contact producer Ray Persing at 937-877-6116 or at

Again, congratulations to our cast, and our thanks to everybody who came to auditions. We’re looking forward to a great production in November!

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